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  1. Because for some reason that channel is on ESPNU and not the Redskins game as labeled. Just listening on the radio so far, I can't find any streams.
  2. Bumped for today's game...this seems to be working, but it's on ESPNU for some reason right now.... http://atdhe.fm/football/stream-385324-washington-red-skins-at-minnesota-vikings
  3. atdhe has been pretty solid all year aside from the second half of the Cards game...I was forced to watch the Cowboys game on there, and it was perfect all the way through. Frontrowsports is a good backup, little lower quality with popup ads, but still fairly reliable.
  4. What's your plan B? Mine is atdhe, but you might have a better one...
  5. I thought that if you had Time Warner cable you could watch the game on watchespn.com. My problem is that I have Time Warner Internet, but not cable. It sucks. I don't get why they can't just show MNF on ESPN3.
  6. Here's hoping streams are better in the coming weeks...atdhe was solid for the first 2 1/2 quarters before it went out, then there wasn't really anything.
  7. ATDHE.net is solid, as is firstrow.net. Those have been working for me all season.
  8. firstrow.net is never perfect quality, but always a pretty reliable stream. And ATDHE had the Swedish feed last week with the audio a bit behind, but it was still the game. They've been reliable this year.
  9. Bump since those of us in the Northeast are stuck with Philly-Tenn. ATDHE has fortunately been very reliable this year but post other links here if it goes down. Firstrow.net has been good as well.
  10. This place is always fairly reliable if ATDHE.net goes down: http://www.firstrow.net/sports/american-football.html
  11. So you and me get the Giants. Enjoy watching online!
  12. That is truly creepy. What if Wikipedia is alive and can predict the future? :paranoid:
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