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2020 Game Day Thread

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1 minute ago, CRobi21 said:

Gotta pull up on hitting a ball carrier near the sideline so you don't get a cheap penalty. Then Mahomes circles back and gets the first down..


Soon quarterbacks will pretend to start to slide into ground, so the defender fearfully lays off, and then the QB keeps running.

Penalties are out of control

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Whoever had the idea of creating those stupid tie dye hats needs to be stripped of his creativity rights. Those are awful. 

ok, first game is over. Now bring on a Dallas loss! Not cause i think it’ll help our chances of staying alive in the division race, i dont think any amount of Dallas losses will help, but because of the fact that i REALLLLLYYYYYY hate Dallas. 

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4 minutes ago, Chris 44 said:

Dallas tanking for Lawrence. Lol. Could you imagine, what a nightmare scenario that would be!


Nah... they will win a few more games and end up with a 10-15 pick. 



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1 minute ago, Chris 44 said:

I was being facetious. But then again who are they going to beat playing like this...the WFT?


Yes. As much as I hate saying this, will need to wash my mouth later with soap...lol, we need to lose to them so they can't be anywhere close to a top 5 pick. 

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