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What are your five favorite websites?


Which back would you rather have?  

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  1. 1. Which back would you rather have?

    • Deuce
    • ricky williams

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Originally posted by aREDSKIN

1) ExtremeSkins- Been here since June 2000.

2) Refdesk- Find anything you want- Land-of-Links

3) Freerepublic- a bit Right Wing but you can still get the story.

4) Drudgereport- Not just for what he says but the links are good

5) eBay

Drudgereport? :doh:

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1) Google - are you guys just taking this for granted, did you forget it, or what? I mean Google is the best thing since BBS. Seriously.

2) Extremeskins.com

3) TomsHardware.com

4) CNET.com

5) Excite.com (my homepage - I think they still have the best personal homepage)

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My top 5 football sites..........

1) extremeskins.com


3) hailredskins.com

4) NFL.com

5) ESPN.com

My top 5 non-football sites ..........

1) NRA.com (National Rifle Asso.)

2) tednugent.com (Hunting and Rock and Roll)

3) NHRA.com (Drag Racing)

4) FOXnews.com (News)

5) easyriders.com (Harleys)

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