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  1. Name of the picture file + Google = Brilliant!!
  2. Yes. Berlin. The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. http://www.der-berliner.com/berlin/church.htm
  3. Does anyone else think manichispanic looks like Chris Samuels?
  4. I was in 3/4 - 81s platoon. It was 3/9, but they changed it to 3/4 in 94 when they got rid of the 9th regiment.
  5. That was at MWTC in Bridgeport, CA. I don't remember the name Picklemeadows. The "First Randry" was right outside of the gate at camp Fuji. I noticed it while waiting for the bus and had to get a pic. Good times.
  6. My favorite one: Me infront of a dry cleaners in Gotemba, Japan.
  7. And here's me trying to look tough in snow cammo. Notice the tough guy has no magazine.
  8. Hey Tarhog - I told you a few days ago I'd post a pic of my platoon, but I can't find it. So here's a few good memories from those days: Here's me on top of Mt Fuji:
  9. Man, Westbrook, why'd you have to go and be a Marine? Now I have to give you some respect. Where's the fun in that? Semper Fi
  10. Just playing with you bro. I got nothin' but love for you. (In a Redskins brotherhood kinda way, not some wierd NAMBLA thing)
  11. I pictured Renegade 7 as one of these:
  12. Thanks Jaydean - I of course think she's the cutest thing I've ever seen, it's always good to hear it's not just me.
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