Trump Border Wall Post-Shutdown Discussion (Wall-Fight)

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GMA, this morning, informs me that Donald Trump is headed for the border (today?) for a photo op next to a plaque which announces that this is the site of the first two miles of Donald Trump's border wall. 


They then inform me that actually, this wall is a replacement for an already-existing wall. And that the funds for this refurbishment were actually allocated in 2015, by Barack Obama. 


Someone should tell Trump, so he can repeal and replace it. 

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17 minutes ago, TryTheBeal! said:

Destin.  It had to be Destin.


It is your destiny.  

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City says private border wall didn't have a building permit and orders construction to 'cease and desist'


(CNN)City officials in Sunland Park, New Mexico, have delivered a "cease and desist" order to the owners of land where a private border wall is being built.


The project doesn't have proper permits to proceed because an application filed was incomplete, Sunland Park spokesman Peter Ibarbo told CNN.

"The rules apply to everyone," Ibarbo said. "That's the process."


The incomplete application isn't the only issue, Sunland Park Mayor Javier Perea told reporters Tuesday

"My understanding is that city ordinance only allows a wall up to six feet tall, and this far exceeds that," he said.

The city's chief inspector is scheduled to visit the site Wednesday to help determine the next steps, Ibarbo said.


Brian Kolfage, whose GoFundMe campaign raised more than $20 million to build the wall on private property, disputed the city's assessment, describing the "cease and desist" order as political intimidation.

Construction at the site halted Tuesday after the order was received, Kolfage said. Attorneys for his group, We Build the Wall, met with city officials about permits Tuesday evening and subsequently submitted a revised site plan, he said.


Click on the link for the full article

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Border Patrol facility in El Paso secretly dumping dirty water into city's drinking supply


EL PASO, Texas — Border Patrol's largest migrant holding facility in El Paso, Texas, has been illegally disposing contaminated water into a drain that funnels water back to the city to use as drinking water for the county's 840,000 residents.


The activity has been taking place since at least April., according to the National Border Patrol Council.


Its local chapter told the Washington Examiner agents had reported witnessing several instances of workers at the El Paso Station dumping large amounts of "gray water" into an outdoor drain that sits under an awning where agents used to wash their vehicles.


"Gray water is used water. It’s not port-a-potty water, but it’s soiled water from showers and laundry facilities," a union official said during a visit to the station this week.


The union also said stations in El Paso continue to see outbreaks of scabies, measles, active tuberculosis cases, and other infectious and communicable diseases among detainees who use the showers and laundry services.


The dumping started at or before April. The federal agency has refused to provide any proof to the American Federation of Government Employees affiliate union that it has hired an outside company to come in and haul the dirty water off to a waste management site, which would indicate it is still dumping it down the on-site drain.


"We’ve had agents seen them do that," said the official.


Click on the link for the full article

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The Trump administration has budgeted nearly $10 billion for barrier construction to date, so the ruling affects roughly one-third of the money the president plans to spend on his signature project. Briones’s decision does not apply to other money available to the administration, including reprogrammed military counter-narcotics funds.


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