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SCOTUS: No longer content with stacking, they're now dealing from the bottom of the deck


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this is a stupid exercise, but here's what i think the supreme court should look like:


10 justices:  5 nominated by R leadership, 5 nominated by D leadership (all confirmed by Senate as usual)

9 justices are "sitting" justices with one in reserve.

Which ever party holds the Exec branch, the other party hold a 5-4 majority on the SC... with the "reserve" justice on the bench until a presidential election causes a party change in the White House.

Appointments are still for life (or not... whatever), but the balance of the court pivots with elections to maintain appropriate checks and balances... but that balance is never more than 5-4.


Flaws exist, of course, but man, this would reduce the random nature of the highest court of the land's composition.

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Yeah they can’t stop it and shouldn’t. Make your points known, show this is a sham and she is dangerous to the ACA and Roe v Wade etc but move on. Stay on message and keep deflecting to republican packing the last few years but don’t cause a circus 

when asked about the Supreme Court, just say you haven’t decided but we’re not taking anything off the table to undo Republican court packing under Obama and trump that has shifted the balance of the court away from the American people 


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