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Show Yourselves II


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:cool: ahh... I found a better one of myself so everyone can make fun of me when I was a kid.... I guess wanted to be in the army back then too.... note the high impact gi joe helmet I stuck on my poor dog.... He's hating life!!!

I just noticed that I was a captain back then too... damn.... 20 years later and I'm still a captain- I must really suck!


That's funny! :laugh: He looks like he's gonna turn around any second and bite your arse. I know - he's a boxer though and they don't do that. Nice dogs.

And no, my sig isn't refering to you! :laugh:

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I just saw this! :applause: :applause: Great!!!

You do look so familiar.......help me guys.......who does he look like?


I was thinking he looked like Big Show from WWE when he had longer hair. Can't seem to find a photo of Big Show with long hair.

Or Donald Gibb (better known as OGRE in Revenge of the Nerds)


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:laugh: I think right around this point in the night I was getting kicked out of Kelly's...:laugh:

Not exactly kicked out...just not let back into the bar after I stepped outside for some fresh air! :)

Yeah we we're definitely punk in drublic. :D

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