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Show Yourselves II


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I don't this as a rule, but I have been...uhhh...prompted :) a few times by a certain someone to get this done and have been procrastinating (one of my many talents :laugh: )...now assuming I can make this work...

Is that what passes for a smile on the Jumbo face?

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:laugh: Don't lie, you're the emo kid on the left! :laugh:

Haha, nah. That's a good friend of mine though. He got kicked off campus for drinking. Salisbury University is freaking stupid.

Sorry bro, but I think your gonna have to wait til your legal.

Unless you look a lot like someone who is old enough. That worked for me when I was underage.

In that picture I don't have a goatee. I have one otherwise. Let me find a picture.

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I don't like this picture. Let it be told that this is immediately before I got my haircut. My girlfriend wanted a picture, though.

I think I look older in it though. I just want to buy beer, damnit.


Just tell the guy at the liqour store you just got back from snowboarding at the X games. :laugh:

But you do look like Shaun White. Not a bad thing if you can make it to Tijuana and tell a couple of drunk Cal freshman girls that story. :D


How you like that one PCS :D

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That's in Bennett tower. Towers blows. I'm glad I live in my own apt. I've never lived on campus.

Towers kicks ass. 2000 18 year olds away from home for the first time with unlimited access to beer and pot all living together with no moral compass.

I cant believe I survived. :D

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