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Show Yourselves II


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here are some pictures i thought everyone would appreciate. my brother in law had a 'beck building birthday party' this past weekend:


me with my redskins hardhat and baby hammer and beer (the baby hammer was suppose to be a joke)


me and a friend were beer pong champs for the night.


my niece diving into the birthday cake! (couldn't resist not posting this!)


last, but not least, the cake we had made for the party had an embarassing picture on it of him with a mullet when he was 10 years old.

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I was expecting this...



Plenty of pictures of me that look quite a bit like that. The props at least.

If you were ever at Woodburn Hall, I had an office (and all my grad classes) there in '99. Of course, I spent most of my undergrad at Woodburn Hall also(when I wasn't at BW3's and the bars).

Woodburn. Spent some time there. Do you remember a history prof that was about 100 years old, apparantly worked for the Nixon administration, and was constantly smackin' his lips. I hated that guys class.

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