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Show Yourselves II


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We did this about a year ago, and it was a great idea! Thought I'd resurrect it since we've got so many new members (and older ones who were too gutless to post a pic the first time around). Time to ante up!


Me and my son Daniel at the Panthers debacle.

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Well now..I guess I'll ante up....again....( don't want to be called gutless a year from now. :silly: ) I'll even volunteer another poster or 2 while I'm at it. :D (names to be with held under the threat of personal injury :silly: ).

I'm in the front. Sporting the Extreme colors.

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I've wondered about Indy, too. I recall his saying he was leaving ... but like some others, he'd done that before and always came back anyway. :)

I think Braves on Warpath and he are acquaintances. Maybe BOW can give let us know if the guy is at least okay.

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Originally posted by skinsfanjoe

I haven't been around here long but I remember someone having a "In memory of One Dollar in there sig"

He looked so young. How did he pass away?

i don't think we know for sure, or at least, i don't remember reading anything definitive.

and, not that it matters at all, but as #950 something, you were here when he passed. no biggie.

it still surprises me how touching his passing was, as i didn't know him personally. IMO, it speaks highly of extremeskins, the mods, and the members that the loss of a cyberfriend can make your stomach drop.

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