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Show Yourselves II


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Guest SkinsHokie Fan

I wanted to bump this back up since it appears half the board joines after Joe Gibbs came back and the last post on this thread was January 4th.

Put up your pictures newbies, you can search this thread and find me.

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Originally posted by phanatic

That means my dog is an attention whore so he wanted to have his pic posted. Gotta love those pugs!:laugh:

Gotcha, although I still don't see a picture.

I thought you were making a comment about my girlfriend!


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Cowboy-fan hubby and me in an old-tyme car after our wedding 3 1/2 years ago.

I'll be nice and not post the pics I have of Montilar at said wedding cuz he'll kill me if I do - and he's gonna let me have some plants for my garden, so I hafta be nice :D

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Originally posted by dchogs

haven't done this before...just got a pic of myself on my work computer (don't check extremeskins at home).

here's me and my wife after a soccer game:

DC, being that you are a former resident of Pennsylvania, I will hold my soccer comments :D

We need fields for lacrosse but Soccer holds the fields, for now at least. :cuss:

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