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  1. StreamTV is not bad (http://streamtvnow.tv/board/) $20 for the entire season They covered just about every game last year. Most of the streams were good. About a quarter were extremely frustrating to watch. The payment method is a bit tricky (and doesn't exactly give you warm fuzzies RE: future identity theft). Definitely more reliable than justin.tv Sure would be nice if the NFL would just broaden the reach of sunday ticket and make it available through more providers.
  2. I'm extremely disturbed by a blurb on the side of my Wendy's cup: "Fresh beef tastes better than frozen. For proof, eat one of our hot 'n juicy hamburgers." Are they really claiming that their beef is at no time between cow to consumer frozen? Either they take their prospective customers to be idiots, or ... I should really stop eating Wendy's hamburgers.
  3. Alright, I'll bite. Unfortunately, no pics in Skins accoutrements. However, if Joe ever has need for my talents, I'm ready to play :adoration [Pic taken in Irbil, Iraq at the CPA-N HQ]
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