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Originally posted by stratoman

I tried to post a pic 275k but is too big so I tried to resize it with photo shop but can't seem to get the size down. Any suggestions on how to make this pic smaller?

I had the same problem. I ended up uploading the pis to Sony's Image Station, & then "IMG"ing it into the post. Hope that helps.

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Originally posted by Equality

How many people did you kill while you were there? Less than five i hope.

It's a secret. I could tell you, but I'd have to kill you:D Actually, it was an eye opening trip. I'll post more pics in another thread if anyone cares.

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Originally posted by Eagles_Legendz

Can you attach an image that you don't have published to a webpage? <<Cpu illiterate. I have pictures saved on hard drive. How do I put them on a website?

they have to be linked to a website. you can post any pics you want on:


its free. then just right click on the pic once you've got it posted there, open up 'properties', and copy and paste the url for the pic in the 'image' section.

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