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It certainly beats the hell out of the East Coast stuff, when whe have it. And last year, we had snow. Best skiing, at least to the locals, is the Canyons, right outside Park City. Some of the stuff in the "hidden Peaks" is awsome. That said, haven't been there for those. But have done Deer Vally, Park City, Alta, ( if there's ever been a mountain that whips your ass it's Alta), altasa1.jpg And of course Snowbird. Especially off the Little Cloud chair. Deep snow and lots of steep stuff.


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Originally posted by GSF


I've been skiing at Park City a few times, though it's been a few years. Spent most of my time in the Jupiter bowls. I've also been to Alta and Snowbird. Utah has the best skiing in the world.

jupiter was my first time skiing a bowl. i was about 12 or so and the powder was thigh high. man, i miss having my parents footing the bill for sweet vacations :) .

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Originally posted by KINGBRICE_28

#1- Thito how in the H*LL are you gonna post your woamn as yer sug then post a pic of some chick in mexico all over you.

Because I can. :)

Originally posted by tkatz

Yo Thito I am only 18 but i'll definately chill with you before a game. It looks like you party hard my man :)

You're welcome anytime. F-51 GREEN.

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Originally posted by blondy536

I know you guys have never seen us before, so here you go...

outastateskin, blondy536 (me), elitton, CP'sGirl


You're all just about fully clothed in that picture. What a let down :).

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Nice pic blondy :)

Found another one of me on Halloween (No, I'm not a cowboy, I'm a stripper (My friends all wanted me to go as a Cowboy and I told em the only way I'd do it is if I could dress slightly different than them and call myself a stripper :))


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