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Show Yourselves II


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Guest SkinsHokie Fan

Well here I am; the Skins Hokie Fan

This is a picture of me when I was studying abroad in Europe fall 2002, during which Show Yourself happened. I am in the middle in the Roma jersey with some of boys in a bar on the beach in Barcelona around this time last year. (I am the brown guy)


And here is one more of me and some girls at the airport.


My life online is here. Enjoy!


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Hey Gary, your friend looks a bit like Ray Liotta. Of course I don't mean that in a gay way :)

I thought the first time we did this thread the community turned the corner as a whole. And I'm glad Tarhog thought of reviving it. It's truly great to put faces to names.

Hopefully soon we'll all be able to have an official ExtremeSkins tailgate party.

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