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Skins-Packers 1972


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I pondered the other day if any of the old farts who remember 1972 "as clear as day" were still around, and yes I can confirm they reached out with their cold, clammy, wrinkled hands and typed back. 

I remember...sort of. I've killed a few brain cells since then though so facts get a tad muddy.

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George Allen was such a goober in the locker room, but he has some of the most bad ass quotes of all time.


Thank you for sharing and I would love to hear any of the stories of anyone who was there.


I wasn't but my parents were. I still have my mom's stub from the game.



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Wow--I remember eating at Roy Jefferson's barbecue as a kid growing up in Centreville.  My mom had to explain to me who he was.  Pretty cool video.  Thanks for posting.




Jefferson still believes the Redskins could have won that day. Quarterback Billy Kilmer, subbing for the injured Sonny Jurgensen, had a tough day throwing the football, and the Dolphins were able to control the clock with their punishing running game.


"This is not to demean Billy Kilmer, who was great for us after Jurgensen got hurt, but I really believe that if Sonny had been able to play that day, it would have been no contest," Jefferson said. "Billy just did not have a great day throwing the ball. Miami challenged us to throw-they played to stop Larry Brown and our running game, and Charley Taylor and I were getting open on their deep zone.

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Like the silent movie.....wonder if anyone on ES was at this game?  From what I understand, it wasn't televised in the immediate DC area due to the TV rules at the time;


And John Facenda's awesome narrative starting at about 13:30 of this one:


Man, why don't they make videos like that anymore. It's like really great propaganda.




I WANT to be brainwashed into more Redskins love!!!!

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Our pk Curt Knight went 14 for 30 on field goal attempts in 1972.


Htf did dude stay in the league till January?


Curt "Off to the Right" Knight was 7 for 7 for the first two rounds of the 1972 playoffs. 



He missed a short FG in SB 7.  Mark Moseley took over a couple of years later.



...found this here....had never heard this before....http://www.confessingumc.org/upload/TFTD-6.6.11_6.10.pdf

...Anybody remember this incident???  ..not sure who this coach was...Allen?  Austin?  Lombardi?


Curt Knight, former kicker for the Washington Redskins,

once had the highest field goal percentage in the National Football

League. But then the Redskins changed coaches. Soon thereafter

the Redskins were in a tight game, late in the fourth quarter. All

they needed was a field goal to win. But on fourth down at the

opponents’ 35-yard line, the coach called for a pass. The pass

failed and the Redskins lost. After the game the coach was asked

why he hadn’t attempted the field goal. He replied, “I didn’t think

our kicker could make it.” From that time on, Curt Knight’s

success rate declined.




-- I am willing to call BS on this.  I only found two games in 1971-72 where this could have happened and he missed a FG both times.


He MISSED a FG at the end of the Bears game in 1971.


November 14, 1971, Soldier Field, Bears 16 – Redskins 15 – Like a number of Redskins games over the years, this one is memorable for one play. And it was on an extra point. Three weeks earlier, the Skins had lost star receiver Charley Taylor for the season with a broken ankle and were having trouble scoring touchdowns. With just over three minutes left in the game, the Redskins led 15-9 in a game that featured nothing but field goals. Curt Knight had kicked five and Mac Percival had kicked three. But with 3:14 to play, Cyril Pinder ran 40 yards for a touchdown to tie the game. A routine extra point would give the Bears the lead. They got it, but it wasn’t routine. A bad snap went over the head of holder Bobby Douglass, who had been John Riggins quarterback at Kansas. Douglass, who was a better runner than passer, ran back, picked up the ball and heaved it 30 yards to the corner of the end zone, where it was hauled in by of all people, Dick Butkus. The Redskins had a chance to win the game on the last play, but Knight’s 45-yard attempt went wide left. They lost to the Cowboys the following week, but won their next three to clinch a playoff spot for the first time in 26 years.




He also missed a long FG at the end of the Patriots game in 1972 (the infamous Bill Malenchek blocked punt ruled a safety)




Knight came in and kicked a 33-yard field goal but was run into by DB Ron Bolton. George Allen elected to take the points off the board and keep the drive going. A short run was followed by two incomplete passes and Knight came back in to attempt another field goal, this time from 27 yards. However, the gamble failed when the kick sailed wide to the right and was unsuccessful.

With the clock ticking down to the final minute, the Patriots kept the ball on the ground. Ashton ran the ball three times and New England lined up to punt. However, Pat Studstill’s kick was blocked by WR Bill Malinchak and, with the Washington special team player unable to corral the ball, rolled out of the end zone for a safety. It was a one-point game and Washington was getting the ball back on the free kick with the remaining time down to 50 seconds.
Duncan returned the free kick to the New England 48. The Redskins were able to pick up six yards before Knight came back on to attempt a 50-yard field goal. Again the kick went wide to the right and the Patriots came away with a 24-23 upset victory – and for the second week in a row, it came down to a missed try for a field goal by their opponent.
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