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  1. Noticing a lot of the names being put out there are folks that were once at a very high point in the comedy scene but whose shtick has just gotten old and not holding up over time. Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller being prime examples. In the 90s, Adam Sandler was near the top of the comedy food chain when his bit was somewhat fresh. Same with Stiller in having just become predictable. There was a point where I would've considered him the king of uncomfortable, awkward, comedy. But now you pretty much know exactly what you're gonna get with his movies. As far as Will Ferrell, I've noticed he's a love or hate kinda guy. I and many others I know love him. But I've also talked to quite a few people who just can't stand the guy. Rob Schneider and Seth Green have always been those guys for me. Never really found either one of them to be funny.
  2. Tool starts streaming today too. Pretty solid weekend from a media release perspective.
  3. On one hand, he's 60 and has had the same gig literally for my entire life (Got the job in 87) and as he stated in that business not everyone gets to go out on their own terms. So in that sense, good for him. Although I would love to see the end of his tenure end differently than Beamer's with a snapped streak. He'll be set for the rest of his life and likely get a nice (and frankly well deserved) kush gig somewhere within the VPI program. On the other, I honestly can't help but believe that him not getting the HC gig after Beamer left plays SOME role in this. I've heard he and Fuente aren't always on the same page. But that's just speculation I've heard here and there and could be completely wrong. But at the same time, there's no question that had to have some effect. I know I wasn't the only one who basically assumed the job was his and was very surprised when they hired Fuente instead.
  4. I'm sure the basketball and lacrosse Nattys UVa won this year haven't helped those feelings much TBH. Lol They DO NOT like it when we get nice things. Seeing a whole lot of Hokies really clinging hard to "The Streak" lately. Which, hey, I get it. Don't get me wrong, I'm going to absolutely lose my s**** whenever we finally end that damn thing and bring the Cup back to CVille. But I get it. If I was in their spot I would be holding onto that too.
  5. I'll try to keep the homerism minimal. But I can't lie, I'm legit excited about UVa this year. If Bryce Perkins stays healthy and Anae & co can find a way to compensate for losing Jordan Ellis and Olamide Zacchaeus this offense could be one of the best in the ACC. Some pundits are predicting us to take the Coastal and other big things which is cool. But I'm waiting until after the Pitt game to let myself buy too far into the hype yet. But at this point it's hard not to feel pretty good going into Week 1.
  6. Trip to the Big House sounds like a blast, hope you enjoy. On my bucket list as well. Anxious to bounce back after the Belk Bowl eh? Go Hoos!
  7. Agreed. I think their schedule is going to be their best friend. Taking that into account I think the ceiling is about 10-2, I would expect around 8-4, and the floor is .500.
  8. Been waiting for this year's iteration of this thread to pop up! Yeah, Bama and Clemson in the top two without a doubt. Not really putting much stake in anything else until after the first week at least, and even then it's suspect as to who's really in any sort of contention. That time of year when all the CFB podcasts are starting to put out their preview episodes and I start eating it all up. At this point the season can't get here fast enough.
  9. I saw this earlier this morning! Obviously I'm excited for the new album, but I'm super hyped that the back catalog is going to be streaming. Trying to taper the hype about the new album just because with long awaited stuff like this it's so easy to let the hype impair the ability to fairly judge a new album.
  10. I get so irrationally annoyed at the common office salutations that treat regular days as a holiday. "Happy Monday", "Happy Friday", etc. I don't know why.
  11. Currently pouring over the ticketing sites for the best deal for Knotfest when it comes around VA in September. Gojira Behemoth Volbeat Slipknot I've seen everyone in the lineup at least once except Volbeat who I'm kinda meh on and hope they surprise me. Most excited to see Behemoth again and Slipknot. Last time I saw Slipknot was a few years ago and it was absolutely electric. Hoping they bring the same energy.
  12. Agreed. One would think that has to be the next step. That fight would be fantastic.
  13. I really need to bite the bullet and get DAZN. Been saying it for a while now.
  14. Any thoughts on tomorrow's Showtime card? I plan on watching, but man I can't see anything that makes me feel like Davis isn't gonna win this thing outright in 5 rounds or less.
  15. I want to be excited about the Davis v Nunez fight tomorrow night. I really do, but there's absolutely nothing there that makes me believe Gervonta Davis isn't going to win it handily in 5 Rounds or less.