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  1. I was ready to jump back in when I noticed my invoice did not give the location for my parking. It says "Redskins Parking" without the lot location. Did they change the format of the invoice or is my location subject to their whims due to late payment? I'll call on Monday, if necessary, but I'd rather find out here.
  2. This is all correct, except Beathard became GM in '78 . The burgundy jerseys with white pants at home did begin in '79,
  3. Do you really expect the Redskins to accurately appraise the market value of the tickets they sell?
  4. Is there any pricing info with the tickets? edit: Never mind. I missed the post with that info.
  5. Last year they didn't offer former season ticketholders first choice over upgraders of available seating to entice them back - that we know of.
  6. Very nice ticket package this year. It's contained in a nice dual-photograph envelope and has a nice Redskins 2015 Season Ticket Holder pin for each season ticket. I like it! Reminds me of the last pair of PF Flyers I got. And I did get parking passes for the pre-season games.
  7. They'll be reclassified and put up for sale each week as seat returns of that week's visiting team's allotment.
  8. Just got my upgrade date - 5/28, 2:00 p.m., not that I'm going anywhere.
  9. Very nice report, Tshile. Thanks for making such an effort to share with the board. The biggest question I have from what you reported is how do they know who veteran tailgaters are and how do they know where they tailgate? I've met Bruce Allen twice during tailgating and he is VERY personable but putting out a blanket statement that veteran tailgaters will not be forced to move sounds a politician-like promise. We're everywhere, in every lot (except Platinum). I don't see how they'll address issues with tailgaters without making some of us move. I like the complaints about the Dream S
  10. Is this part of the promised new fan loyalty program? Fans who dumped their tickets one - two years ago are offered better seats than current season ticket holders - before they have a chance to upgrade - and get free Green parking to boot. Nice!
  11. Likewise. I should have my tickets today.
  12. I usually get the e-mail after I get my tickets.
  13. Obviously not actual footage. That was a UPS truck.
  14. You were grandfathered, as was I, because we had parking before that policy existed.
  15. Mine are out for delivery to Bethesda, shipped yesterday.
  16. I'm staying in the UL because I despise endzone seats - with or without the big screen - despite the obvious advantage of getting out of the stadium quicker. I'm trying to move from Section 429, row seven to Section 428 because 429 has handicapped seating where the first three rows normally are. Nothing like telling it like is!
  17. :poke: If B3 is so good, why don't your friends join you there?
  18. I'm looking to move from Section 429 to Section 428 and the seat portion of my invoice has gone blank.
  19. I got it and I'm in Section 429, row 7.
  20. I just got the same e-mail. While it's nice to be notified, it seems like they are going to generate a lot of needless calls to the TO the way the e-mail is worded. Even though it says no action is required if you've already made your upgrade preference election, I imagine a lot of people will call anyway.
  21. Having an odd number of tickets has a history of much quicker upgrades. I'm not sure if that remains the case now that ticket holder tenure is thrown into the upgrade equation.
  22. I would try dropping by the TO in person a few times 1-2 weeks before the first preseason game. It seems that's the time when parking passes are available but not assigned. Turning you down in person might be a little harder for them, especially if you show up more than once. Make sure you bring your Grays with you. You'll have to trade them in before they'll hand you Greens.
  23. It's seven seasons at the same price. To me, "same" = "unchanged".
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