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  1. Greetings fellow B&G fans. It's been a while since I've posted at ES. it looks like the die-hards are still here. Just want to let everybody know that Rebrand Washington Football (RWF) and allies will hand-deliver 'Change The Name' petitions to The Park on Saturday morning Dec. 7th at 10:00. This will be our 5th consecutive year. We invite any interested parties to join us. No RSVP is necessary unless you'd like to ride the bus from Rosslyn. The cost is free. Bus includes a restroom. The handoff ceremony usually lasts about a half-hour. Dress warm.
  2. I'm happy to see more of our fans are coming around on wanting to correct the problem. What little honor is left with our franchise could be salvaged and preserved with a re-branding. The Rising Hearts Coalition and their allies (pictured) proved just how easily it can happen.
  3. We haven't had any club seat reports in a while, but I'll bet the deals are better than ever if new GA STHs can get lowers.
  4. The beauty of Stubhub is the customer service reps are onsite at Fedex, in case there are complications. On two occasions I arrived at the turnstiles in Landover to find that my SH bought tix had already been scanned in. A quick trip to the SH trailer and they had me all set up with replacement tix. The replacement tix weren't quite as good, but I still got to sit in he seats I had paid for. Plus I got 50% of the purchase cost credited toward my next event, which was like $150 each time. Conclusion, the TO gave my seats to somebody else on gameday morning after I had purchased my tix online. I
  5. You have to know when to use Stubhub. Typically SH is over priced until game week. Tues-Weds, and sometimes Thurs before a Sunday match-up are the best time to capitalize on what the TO dumps. Most people don't have the patience to wait. It pisses me off that Stubhub removed the 'no-fees' rewards benefit for frequent customers. I'm sure ticket costs still balance out to normal market values over the long run, but it was really nice to pay the price seen advertised, and nothing more. That feature ended last year.
  6. Lower OV, section 221. I wouldn't play around with lower sidelines, non OV. I've always paid on time until this year.
  7. Just got a reminder email that I can still keep my seats with only $100 down today, and then three installments. It doesn't say when the payments are due, before late July one would assume.
  8. My bleeders are still online awaiting renewal. My account page has looked the same since February. I've had two reminder calls from the TO this month, one recorded and one live. My account rep sent me a handwritten greeting card last week.
  9. I hadn't noticed the waiting list advertised the past couple of seasons, the way it once was. However, the 'waitlist' tab was always on their website any time you clicked onto the ticket page. It's still there today. The "join" popups have evaporated from the high flying days of Gibbs 2.0 where you'd see it anytime you clicked on.
  10. Was the waitlist ever gone? Edit: The ad reads like some waitlisters can get lowers. Not surprised, but I don't recall seeing lowers advertised until now. Looks like all GA seating has been reclassified as 'Reserve'.
  11. imo, there's no chance the league drops any presea$on games. We talk about it every year, but it's just like the Pro Bowl. The tv revenue is worth more than gate. Even if an August matchup is televised live in only the two local markets, the NFLN reruns the games all week, nationally. When there's nothing but baseball to compete with, the money couldn't come easier. Preseason football crushes baseball. Sponsors aren't dumb. To pick another nit, bc that's what we do in these parts... The team is always padding their consecutive price streaks by one year. "your annual season ticket cost
  12. In those days they would sell out preseason games to waitlisters after STHs declined.
  13. Below is a narrowed down transcript of the letter I recently sent to Mr. Snyder. This is in response to my renewal invoice for STs in 2016. https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/all-opinions-are-local/wp/2016/02/18/a-fans-lament-why-im-quitting-washingtons-football-team/ The headline is misleading. I'm not quitting b&g fandom. I requested a meeting with Mr. Snyder to discuss our franchise's long term solution to the name problem. Shocker... no one has replied. I'm bummed the Post removed that portion of my letter.
  14. It was $15 for on-site cash parking in 1997. Up from $10 at RFK in 1996. I believe the $15 parking lasted until 1999. But then in 2000... Danny moved cash parking across the Beltway and put a bus ride into the equation for a mere $25 per game.Next thing we knew, there was a waiting list for $25 parking onsite, which was limited to GA, STHs only. That lasted till the Zorn era.
  15. How much was season parking last year?
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