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Paloffs are now 2013-14


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(6) New Orleans at (3) Philly, 8 pm Saturday

(5) San Fran at (4) Green Bay, 430 pm Sunday




(5) KC at (4) Indy, 430 pm Saturday

(6) SD at (3) Cincy, 1 pm Sunday


Bummed that KC and Indy have to play each other in the first round.....really was cheering for both of those teams. I can care less about the SD-Cincy game.  Both NFC wild-card round matchups should be fun.




Divisional Round:


NFC: Philly at Carolina, Green Bay at Seattle

AFC: Indy at Denver, Cincy at NE


Conference Round:  Philly at Seattle, NE at Denver

Super Bowl: Seattle vs Denver

Super Bowl 48 Champion: Snow LOL......Manning.

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My playoff Predictions:


Wild Card Round:  Eagles over Saints, Green Bay over San Francisco;  Indy over Kansas City, Bengals over Chargers


Divsional Round:  Seahawks over Packers, Panthers over Eagles;  Indy over Broncos- Yes, Andrew wins in cold weather whereas Peyton doesn't., Pats over Bengals- sorry my preseason pick for the Superbowl doesn't make it :(


Championship:   Seahawks over Panthers;  Patriots over Colts



Superbowl:   Seahawks over Patriots in a disasterous Superbowl.  Cold and Snow forces the game to be delayed by a day but even with the delay noone is able to attend.  The game is played on Monday in front of noone.

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Honestly not sure what to expect this year. Seems like Seattle and Denver should roll into the Super Bowl, but recent history says the neither or maybe only one of those 2 will make it.


The AFC is really strange. The Broncos have by FAR the best offense, but their defense is suspect especially with no Miller. The Pats aren't nearly the Pats of old, but how do you just write off Brady/Belichick? The Bengals could be the darkhorse, but are they ready to finally win a playoff game under Lewis? The Colts have shown they can beat anyone, but they have some weird losses too. The Chiefs probably have the best defense of the AFC teams left, but can they beat the Broncos if they meet for a 3rd time? Then there's the Chargers, who knows what to expect there.


NFC is a little more clear I think. Seattle looks to be the best of the bunch. Having homefield will be huge since they don't lose there very often. Carolina is a good young team, but are they ready for primetime? Eagles have a great offense, but can their defense do enough to help them advance? Green Bay is another dark horse. Rodgers and Cobb are back and they have a running game. Their defense is a question mark for sure. San Fran is another well rounded team and they look to be getting back to where they were last year. Maybe another SF/Sea rematch in the Divisional round? Winner of that could very well win the NFC. Saints are a great team, when they play at home. Will have to win every game on the road, not sure they can do it.


Going against everything, I could see a 49ers/Broncos Super Bowl. Broncos win.

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I'm sorry but this is unacceptable. It's "Paloffs is now"


I think we see the Chargers upset the Bengals, the Chiefs take down the Colts, the Chiefs beat the Patriots and the Broncos beat the Chargers for an AFC Championship of KC vs. Denver in Denver. That would be highly entertaining.


In the NFC I'd like to see the 49ers beat the Packers, the Eagles beat the Saints, the Seahawks **** up the Eagles, the Panthers **** up the 49ers, and the two top seeds have a playoff game with the Panthers advancing. That would make me happy.

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Surprised you're guys like the Eagles so much. I will go with the Saints easily, even in the single digit temperatures.


I'm picking them from a pure homer perspective, but I think most are picking them based on the Saints performance outdoors.  If I was a gambling man, I wouldn't touch that game with a 10' pole.


Haven't watched the Saints much, but I truly think the game comes down to which OL can perform better.  The Dallas OL really did quite well last night in the passing game and were the reason that the Cowboys were in the game IMO.  If the Saints can force the Eagles to have to blitz 5-6 guys on passing downs, I think Brees will chew them up pretty bad. 


GB is a dark horse team as well.

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WC Round:



Chiefs over Colts

Bengals over Chargers



GB over San Fran

NO over Philly


Divisional round:



Den over KC

NE over Cincy



GB over Seattle

NO over Carolina





NE over Den



NO over GB


Super Bowl:


NE over NO




Not sure how I ended up with those picks... don't really like them. Confidence: zero. 

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As a gambling man, I like the two underdogs in the Saturday games (Saints and Chiefs) and the two favorites in the Sunday games (Bengals and Niners).  I just wonder if the Bengals can cover 6.5 points.


The Niners are 12-4 and lost to good teams.  I don't see why anyone should think the Packers will win.  I don't care if Rodgers is back and they are at home.  Niners defense is very solid and their offense is starting to click with Crabtree back.


Saints/Eagles could be tough.  Saints are +2.5 right now.  They sort of faded down the stretch and are bad away from home.  But the Eagles defense sucks.  Saints defense was kind of up and down, but up most of the year.  I like the Saints.


Colts were erratic as hell all year.  Chiefs were consistent.  That's enough for me to pick the Chiefs.


Last time all 4 home teams won in the divisional round?  I remember asking that last year....it was a while ago.  Panthers, Seahawks, Patriots, Broncos.  If any of those teams are gonna lose I think it's the Patriots losing to the Bengals.  Broncos beat the Chiefs.


Seahawks beat the Saints.  Panthers/Niners could be super close, but I see the Panthers winning.


Broncos beat Bengals.  Panthers beat Seahawks.  Broncos beat the Panthers in the Super Bowl. 


And that's how it is going to happen, guaranteed.

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I have heard a lot of talk on tv about Carolina being vulnerable at home. Also a lot of Eagles/49ers fans saying they want their team to come to Charlotte in the divisional round.

Carolina has won 7 straight at home, the only home loss this season was 12-7 vs Seattle in week 1.

home record & point differential:

NO: 8-0 (+147)

SEA: 7-1 (+123)

CAR: 7-1 (+111)

This was during the tv timeout after the go ahead TD against New Orleans. 70k soaking wet fans jumping around.

Careful what you wish for.

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LOL at all these Panther fans coming in here. I live in Fort Mill and work in Charlotte and this time last year was a completely different story. Where were you last year? This place is unbearable right now. I hope whoever they get in the 2nd round beats them, even Philly, because I know Philly can't beat Seattle or SF.

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Wonder why Clay Mathews isn't catching any flack for being out for a playoff game with a broken thumb. He can't just tape it up and get out there? I see guys playing with clubs on their hands.

He already broke his thumb earlier in the season, and it took four weeks before he could even attempt to play with a club as he had to let it heal enough to get the pins removed. Even when he did come back in, he had to play with the club which severly reduced his effectiveness. It wasn't until he was able to reduce it down to a small cast stabilizing his thumb that he returned to form, but it obviously didn't support the thumb enough as it caused him to re-break that thumb on another sack.
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My bold prediction is San Diego Chargers


Going with that based off of:


1. Last 4 Super Bowl Champs have played in Eagles home opener

2. Redskins have defeated the last 3 Super Bowl Champs


Chargers fit perfectly into those two categories. Chargers played in Eagles first game AND Redskins defeated Chargers.

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Even if Seattle makes it to the Bowl, they'll lose once they're away from home against a good team.


I'm ok with like the Packers winning, Broncos, Bengals,etc.  I don't like the idea of Colts, Seattle, Patriots, or 49ers (Colts fans annoy me with their hate of RGIII and being spoiled with getting Luck right after Manning, Seattle just annoys the hell out of me with their arrogance, sick of seeing Patriots in the playoffs,  John Harbaugh gets on my nerves much like his brother).

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