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Is Mike Shanahan Being Racist In His Treatment Of RG3?


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I HATE this rat for the self serving way he continues to drag our name through the mud and how he's trying to decimate our team to make it even harder for the next Coach to pick up the pieces, aside from the HIGHLY insulting way he's lied to every last one of us repeatedly the last going on 5 days; but let's keep this to what he actually has done and not slander him with a low he hasn't huh?


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It's highly speculative and almost impossible to prove, and I'm not sure this guys reasoning is that good, he says that Shanahan had a read zone system for RG3 and a conventional one to Cousins, but Cousins cannot play the read-zone option he doesn't have the tools to do anything else meaning Cousing being put in a non 'physical' role is not because Shanahan is trying force the white guy into it, its because Cousins literally cannot do anything else. Secondly, does he honestly believe a conventional system wuld have gotten them to the playoffs last season? If Shanahan wanted to win last season, RG3 in a read-zone option gave him the best chance, in fact I'm pretty confident if the Skins drafted Teddy Bridgewater for instance - Shangan would not have shoehorned him into a dual threat role.


Again, your using the treatment of literally two QB to make this judgement, it seems highly suspect.

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This is funny because even though RG3 is black, he was accused of being a "corn-ball brotha."


Give me a break, what an asinine claim. He was benched in a vain attempt by Shanahan to save face on his way out of town.


I hate to admit it, but that lard ass McNabb was right about Shanny being a piece of ****.

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