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ES Coverage & Interactive Game Day Thread - Redskins Verses 49ers - Final


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ES Coverage & Interactive Game Day Thread - Redskins Verses 49ers




Welcome my friends to the prime-time match-up of the Washington Redskins verses the San Francisco 49ers. My name is JimmiJo and I am joined by my partner; Spaceman Spiff. Together we will bring you all the sights and sounds of tonight's event. 


On the way in I saw a whole mess of 49ers fans in the lots and around the stadium. While San Fran is a team with a wealth of tradition with fans who travel well; the large number of away fans is indicative of a Washington team sitting nicely in last place in the NFC East.


At 3-7, there is not a lot to feel good about. Especially the manner is which they've gotten here. This team could just as easily be 2-8 if not worse. They are inconsistent offensively, special teams are horrendous, and the defense is historically bad.


But I am not going to be one of those guys writing off this team's chances to turn around the season - I did that weeks ago. In fairness it must be noted that a six-game win streak to close out the season could buy them a post-season.


To do so requires a victory tonight. And the 49ers come in on a two-game slide and mad as hornets. They have a stout defense and explosive offense. It is going to take a complete effort by the Redskins to get the win.


Full disclosure: I predicted a San Francisco win on Twitter. Speaking of which; please follow me in-game @Skinscast.




- Rex Grossman

- Darrel Young

- Jose Gumbs

- Brandon Jenkins

- Josh LeRibeus

- Stephen Bowen

- Jordan Reed


8:15PM Randoms


- It''s 35 degrees and dropping. Spiffy is down on the field shooting the pregame stuff. This could only be better if it was raining. Pay your damn dues rookie.

- Fred "Freddy Delight" Davis is dancing to the music coming through the loud-speakers between drills. He might be the happiest Redskin out there tonight.

- The Redskins are wearing burgundy tops and gold pants. 

- The re-sodded field looks to be in fine shape.

- They served turkey and stuffing in the pressbox tonight.

- The report on RGIII asking for his poor plays not to be shown? No idea, but I hear the guy reporting it would not make it up. Here's my take; the fact that someone told him this at a minimum suggests some bad blood around the locker room or team. 




After a very shaky start, the offense has gotten it going. The defense has played well tonight, shutting down Frank Gore and limiting the big plays. The Redskins can win this game if they score touchdowns instead of field goals. 


Here's to a good second half.






It's like they are playing from the same script every week. Fall behind early, rally enough to have a chance, then collapse to lose. This is what we saw tonight only by the end the air had come completely out of the team.


I think we all realized weeks ago this season was not going to be like last year. But I don't think anyone saw the team coming apart like they are now. I tweeted in-game it is as if the Redskins don't believe they can win anymore. I also tweeted that this team is worse than a cap penalty can explain. 


At this point 5-11 is where it feels like they land. And I am not sure if 5-11 brings Mike Shanahan back. Would be shocked if he was extended. Why would you?


As for the game and the particulars. The offense really let down tonight. This was likely the result of playing a good defense in San Francisco.


Pass blocking was a bad as it has been all year. Griffin, when allowed to throw, started cold and never got much better. The run game was fits and starts. It was obvious Griffin was missing Jordan Reed the run game missing Darrel Young on lead blocks.


The defense did ok, doing well to contain Frank Gore and limit big plays. With no help from the offense however, and having to defend a short field all night - it was a matter of time before the 49ers got something going. Then there was Josh Wilson. He had a horrible game, looking lost at times and giving up big plays.


The bottom is falling out of this team. Now the questions from the press will become more direct and pointed. It goes beyond Griffin to Shanahan and people will posit whether or not they think he will be back.


I asked Griffin a few questions in the post-game presser to try and see where he thinks he is in his development and what his mindset is in response to this season and their record. I was interested to see if he would point out areas where he needs to improve, or talk about how he is trying to force things. He gave pretty generic answers to how he tries to look past the record to assess his development and how this sort of season makes him try even harder to succeed.


The most thoughtful comments I heard were from London Fletcher. If you get a chance, listen to the audio.


The Redskins host the Giants next week in another nationally televised game. If I was Dan Snyder I would start a petition to get the league to flex out of the game. Either way; me and Spiff will be here to represent.


Spaceman Spiff


I just came up from the locker room which seemed like a morgue.  Fitting, because the 49ers just put the nail in the coffin for whatever hopes the Redskins could make for next year.  To me, that's what the rest of this season is about, looking for personal performances to see if there's anything to look forward to next year.


Picture Rex Grossman, hat to the back, looking like a frat boy of sorts, standing next to a dejected RG3 in the locker room, offering advice. Guys, it's come to this.


And just when you think it can't get worse, I'm sitting here listening to RG3's postgame presser.  


I have no more words.  What a horrible dismantling we witnessed tonight.

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Even Shefter plainly acknowledging that it's put up or shut up time---extension or goodbye. And he's close with Shanahan.



I would love nothing more than to see us finish the season strong offensively. I don't have a problem with another year of the Shanahans but Haslett/Burns have to go. 

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Only two more months until I'm 21.


I'll be able to cope a lot more with sports

Don't fall for this trap. The Skins will make you an alcoholic something quick. I've finally distanced myself to where I can drink and just enjoy the game regardless, but it took some doing

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