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The draft pick Vikings gave us for McNabb turned into Alfred Morris


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Eagles got a 2nd (2010) and 4th (2011) from us for McNabb, and we got 2 6ths for McNabb from the Vikings which turned out to be Alfred Morris and 2013 6th round selection.

2nd turned out to be Nate Allen as previously stated

4th was traded to Tampa Bay for their 4th and a 4th in 2012.

2011 TB 4th turned out to be Casey Matthews

2012 TB 4th was traded to Houston for DeMeco Ryans

So basically,

Redskins: McNabb -> 2 6ths -> Alfred Morris, 2013 6th rounder selection

Eagles: 2nd and 4th -> Nate Allen, Casey Matthews, and Demeco Ryans

Seems like the Eagles still came out on top of the trade, unless Morris continues to gash their defense for years?

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Who did the Redskins get for the Phat Albert trade?

2013 5th from the Patriots.

As of right now our 2013 draft is:

2,3,4,5,5,6,6,7 = 8 picks

5th from Pats for Haynesworth, 6th from Min for McNabb. Obviously, no #1 from RG3 trade.

We also may or may not get something for trading Kevin Barnes to the Lions... conditional 7th or something. Probably nothing since he's not in the league right now. edit: We don't receive anything = http://www.prideofdetroit.com/2012/9/20/3361636/kevin-barnes-trade-lions

We can pick up some good depth, hopefully some good starters from the 2nd and 3rd round picks.

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The kicker that went to the Rams was graded higher -- hahaha,..

Morris is clearly way more valuable, but let's not underestimate how much that kicker for the Rams has been a monster this year. He's made a ton of kicks from 50+, and hit a 60 yarder. Let's not forget, he went 3/3 against us, and we lost by 3.

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Shanahans evaluation on RBs to fit his system is stunning. Almost all RBs succeed under him. A 1000yd RB in his offense is almost a given no matter the talent he puts out there. The good RBs just accomplish more in his system. That was one of pluses i thought when we got him, we had tons of holes and using a high draft pick at RB wasn't necessary anymore. Huge score with Morris and makes the McNugget trade a wash in my eyes.

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