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  1. I know some people aren’t convinced because once again we go against the norm and hire a coach before a GM, but in this case I think it’s ok. If everything said about Rivera is to be believed, this is the best we could have done needing a culture change along with a good/decent coach. Had we waited for a GM he would have been off the market. I like this hire and am looking forward to the season now. It was excruciating knowing it was football Sunday and our team was a lost cause as long as Bruce was here so it wasn’t really worth wasting the precious 3 hours during the weekend. But, most of us
  2. A true miracle from the Lord! I can still remember the fans around here that hated the Allen hire instantly because he was friends with Dan and wow were those people on the mark. I was skeptical but thought it could work and he would be here for fan relations and holy smokes was that OFF the mark .
  3. I too find myself actually hating this franchise I once loved and followed obsessively. I actually said those exact words “I freaking hate this team” more than once yesterday while listening on 980 while doing other things because I’m done wasting Sunday afternoons when in 2019 there are thousands of other ways to entertain yourself for 3 hours that actually brings satisfaction. I’ve missed more redskins football from the last few games of last year to now than I had in 25 years. The football that I have watched this year with the 3rd and long conversions, the bonehead penalties has been the s
  4. I’ll be really discouraged if smash mouth 35 rushing attempts a game football isn’t the game plan with the stable of RBs we have combined with the other issues we have on offense. We went 6-2 last year with Alex Smith playing C- football and even that grade might be generous. Case just needs to protect the ball because I can’t see him playing much worse than Smith was playing. The plan and focus has to be run the football, play great defense and turnovers at a bare minimum. Oh and also run the football.
  5. In terms of what Doug said and knowing how Dan and Bruce operate, I’ve always expected Haskins to start week 1. If he isn’t, it means disaster because he isn’t even close to being ready. The front office needs to sell tickets and in this case I can’t even fault Dan for really wanting Haskins to start week 1 after what fedex looked like week 17 last year. If Haskins is even close to being ready, I expect him week 1 whether Jay likes it or not. I really hope they hold out and start him at least after the tough opening to our schedule, but it is what it is.
  6. Man from the outside looking in this seems like Bruce and Dan don’t get the joke and maybe blame Brian for the woeful attendance this year. Instead of seeing that this is all the result of a subpar product for decades rather than a change in marketing that just so happened to coincide with lower ticket sales. Obviously, I have no idea what went on behind the scenes so I’ll hold judgement and pray that my instinct is wrong because I preferred the cold water to the face dose of reality the marketing team used admitting there was no season ticket waitlist and the better food was a step in the rig
  7. I really love this Capitals team and they look as good as ever on offense. Two of our best players go down? No problem we will just win 6 straight. The defense could be better but we aren’t in that sacrifice the body to block shots mode because it’s November. In a time when all of our other teams let us down annually, at least we have one team that finally broke through and has one of the best players to ever play the game. Seeing Trotz get his ring was the last thing I’ve been waiting for since the Championship other than the title defense come May. Gibbs and Trotz are on a level
  8. I can go either way with Dez. Getting him now after week 1 I'm pretty sure means no guaranteed money on the contract so he can be cut at anytime. Not having a blue chip #1 WR is our glaring hole on offense so bringing in another decent WR wouldn't hurt. But, he would be what #4 on the depth chart and those spots should go to the younger guys. If Quinn or Sims are out for any extended period of time maybe that sort of forces our hand in signing someone? If he wants to take a small contract and is told from the beginning he isn't anywhere close to the top option on offense so if he pouts at all
  9. How would you even know? The only Nike stuff I've owned in the last 15 years are soccer jerseys that the person that made our jerseys decided to put them on Nike branded jerseys. That's a great assumption you just made though considering you know nothing about me but thats fine I don't take any offense.
  10. I didn't say anyone was denying that. I think it's absurd and disgusting that they are using Kap for a money grab. I do also fine it comical that people are deciding to protest and burn their Nike stuff now but had no problems with all their Nike gear last week.
  11. My final thoughts on this and for clarity is this. As you can see in my profile picture, I cannot relate to this issue. I won't pretend to understand what people of color go through because it would be disingenuous and insulting. I'm not trying to deflect from the issue or muddy the waters. All I'm saying is just shut up Nike you aren't the right company to come out with this type of message. That's all.
  12. Sorry but I'm not the one trying to be a moral authority and making a national statement. I wouldn't in fact do that because you are correct unless I make all of my own clothes I'd be a hypocrite to try and make such a statement. My point was Nike should shut the **** up they are no better than the rest of us and in fact are much worse.
  13. My apologies, I just came in and posted but I obviously totally agree with you. What a disgusting joke.
  14. My problem with the whole Nike situation is this: https://abcnews.go.com/Business/story?id=88176&page=1 Three years ago, Nike chairman Phil Knight stood before the National Press Club and told the world he was so tired of labor-rights groups criticizing the athletic shoe company he founded that he was going to personally make sure conditions improved at Nike factories around the world. Knight has fallen short of his promises — far short, in some cases, according to a 105-page report released by the Global Exchange. "During the last three years, Nike has conti
  15. I'm so ready for October and the Cup defense run. I really think finally getting past the 2nd round will be a huge turning point for the rest of the 8/19 era.
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