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  1. Zazzaro703

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Man from the outside looking in this seems like Bruce and Dan don’t get the joke and maybe blame Brian for the woeful attendance this year. Instead of seeing that this is all the result of a subpar product for decades rather than a change in marketing that just so happened to coincide with lower ticket sales. Obviously, I have no idea what went on behind the scenes so I’ll hold judgement and pray that my instinct is wrong because I preferred the cold water to the face dose of reality the marketing team used admitting there was no season ticket waitlist and the better food was a step in the right direction trying to make coming to the stadium a worthwhile use of time. I guess we will see but with the egos involved it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they just looked at the numbers from last year to this year and think they can do things better.
  2. Zazzaro703

    Marketing Geniuses

    One thing is certainly true, for whatever reason being in the spotlight for 4 months out of the year is just too much for this organization. Year after year the wheels come flying off the wagon and things turn into a dumpster tire fire. Even with the spotlight off for 8 months, these boobs somehow always seem to remind us that yup they are still there running the ship ashore during the offseason. Well, the marketing ideas have all dried up and the majority of the fan base has no desire scheduling a full day outing to Fedex when there are 20 other better options for your Sunday and watching at home is a way better experience. Losing 3 hours of your Sunday on top of being in a **** mood the rest of the day 8+ weeks a season is bad enough, adding the perils of getting to and from Fedex is just unreasonable. This organization has always been reluctant to have full rebuild out of fear of losing the fan base, well after one more year of Jay Gruden and hopefully a much clearer picture at the QB position there is no reason to not have a fire sale and field a team of young hungry players put together by a front office organization that’s only inclusion of Dan Snyder is signing checks. Hire a top outside firm to interview GMs and go from there. Will it happen? Of course not so I’ll see you all next year at the annual tire fire. One cannot even fathom what fireworks will come along with the end of the Jay Gruden era.
  3. Zazzaro703

    Who should be the next head coach for the Skins

    It’s going to be Gruden for one more year. What quality coach in their right mind would come here? We have a lot of money tied up at the QB position and at this point I’m just hoping Alex Smith is able to walk normally again. So Gruden is back, then what? I really hope we don’t waste a high round draft pick on a QB selected by a coach who most likely won’t be around beyond a year. I’d rather we trade anyone of value away and eat a bag of **** next year ready to come back in 2019 with a full rebuild. New front office, new coaching, younger new players. Pretty much anyone other than our D-line and Tress Way can be had for a trade. They have resisted the full rebuild because they were afraid of losing the fans, well one look at the stadium each home game tells me that shouldn’t be an issue anymore. I like Jay Gruden, but he isn’t anything better than an 8-8 coach. Sure he can hit 10-6 if we get some bounces and some luck, but with no bounces and no luck can go 6-10. It’s just not good enough. Whats really devasting is had McVay just made it one more year maybe he would have been our coach this year. I could have seen them axing Jay at the end of last year if he were still on staff and wanted the job. McVay is everything you would want in a young upcoming coach and it was probably divine intervention that took him out of DC before his career went up in flames here.
  4. Zazzaro703

    2018 Embrace [Insert QB name here] Thread

    Put Max Scherzer at QB, he has enough heart to be as good as anyone else we put out there.
  5. I really love this Capitals team and they look as good as ever on offense. Two of our best players go down? No problem we will just win 6 straight. The defense could be better but we aren’t in that sacrifice the body to block shots mode because it’s November. In a time when all of our other teams let us down annually, at least we have one team that finally broke through and has one of the best players to ever play the game. Seeing Trotz get his ring was the last thing I’ve been waiting for since the Championship other than the title defense come May. Gibbs and Trotz are on a level of their own here in DC and I’ll forever be greatful to Barry for helping us get to the top of the mountain.
  6. Zazzaro703

    Game Day Thread - Redskins VS Houston Oilers

    I feel the same way. I hate that Smith got hurt obviously and he seemed more accurate today, but as soon as we went down after the pick six I figured it was over. Other than protecting the football, Smith was playing C- football at best. Our defense is good enough to overcome a turnover or two as long as we can score more than 14 points. I think Jay will call a different game now knowing exactly what to expect from Colt McCoy. I still like our chances to win the division, maybe even moreso now. I wish Smith a speedy recovery and I'm sure he will have his nose in the playbook during rehab and hopefully will be more comfortable in the offense next year.
  7. Zazzaro703

    What is Wrong with Alex Smith?

    I'm assuming Cousins has a lot attempts than Smith and he is also throwing to AT (whom just set a record for consecutive 100 yard games) and SD. They are both way better than anything we have here at WR be a wide margin. It always seems Cousins compounds his turnovers by having them at the worst possible time. Personally, i think Cousins is the better player but I didn't want him at 28mil per year. I also can't say where this team would be if Cousins were the QB this year. Probably 6-3. Who knows if we would be committed to getting AP 20 touches if Cousins were the QB. The Vikes seem to think that since they paid him 28mil they have to have him throw the ball 40+ times to justify the salary and they abandon the run. Maybe we'd be doing the same thing. Im ok with Alex Smith instead of Cousins.
  8. Zazzaro703

    What is Wrong with Alex Smith?

    Even with Alex Smith playing C- football, without his protection of the football no way we are 6-3. The super downside is you'd think we would have seen much more improvement by now. However, he really can only get better and we just have to hope it clicks and he hits his peak come January. That's not that much of a stretch either, he just has to hit open WRs. It will be extremely disappointing if he is still wildly missing open WRs come late December/January. Great defense and protecting the football is winning football and just letting the other team beat themselves normally will get you 8-10 wins during the regular season. It's not winning football in January though unless you have a next level defense that just allows nothing, so Smith is going to have to elevate his play if we are to make any noise in the post season. Again, since just hitting open WRs will improve our offense and we aren't asking him to move mountains I guess I'm cautiously optimistic that Smith will get better. We are 6-3, I don't care how we got here I'm just happy we didn't do our normal not win a game for a month a some point during October/November.
  9. Zazzaro703

    Amari Cooper

    Cowboys look kind of like dopes now, 1st for Cooper looks even worse after all the trades today.
  10. Disappointment gone, love the pick up. Would much rather give him the money and contract if Norman walks.
  11. How is being disappointed we haven't improved our WRs when we knew it was an issue going into the season and has now been an issue up to this point in the season? What do we have under 200 passing yards 3 weeks in a row? Part of that is QB play but no one is worried about any of our WRs allowing teams to to focus on Reed and the box. A 3rd might be stretching it but a 4th, that's not much of a price to pay to upgrade a position of need. Also, I said disappointed. I didn't say pissed off or mad and started ranting that this is some massive mistake and I'm getting ready to abandon the season. It sucks to see our rivals get stronger at a position we are weak at, if that's crazy talk I guess guilty as charged.
  12. Wow sure makes you wonder when the Skins pick up the likes Perriman (I think he was here for a day) Floyd and Quick while players like GT and DT could be had for middle round picks. That's just disappointing. I wouldn't have traded a 1st or 2nd for any of them so I didn't include Dallas getting Cooper for a 1st.
  13. Zazzaro703

    Redskins Lead NFC East

    This team has been fun to watch. Running the football, stopping the run and not turning the ball over is winning football. If you hang around long enough, the other team will beat themselves with costly penalties and turnovers most weeks. I think the Redskins have at least put themselves in great position to at least get a wild card provided they arent devastated by injuries down the stretch. I think they will hold Atlanta to 20 points and win the game. They really need this win if they want to really start making a lot of noise.
  14. This is the measuring stick game for me. For too long the Redskins have lost this game sliding back to the pack or even further behind when they could put themselves in great position. Then you factor in its against NY in NY. The major difference is this year we actually have a pass rush that can get to Eli which makes a huge difference in his play. We will see.
  15. Zazzaro703

    Next Day Thoughts: Redskins vs. Cardinals

    It's just really refreshing to hear everyone be totally psyched up about the Redskins after week 1. Normally we are wondering why the team looked unorganized and are chasing that week one loss the entire year. Who knows how things will play out the rest of the year, but at least there is hope and optimism after week 1 and we not only won but put an ass whipping on someone. If this team can stay relatively healthy we should have a good year. Im not too concerned yet about the WRs, I think our game plan was working so they stuck to it. I do wonder if Alex Smith left plays to the WRs on the field trying to protect the lead which I'm completely fine with. The #8 car seemed to commit a bonehead turnover at the worst of times allowing teams to hang around so I have no problem if Smith chose to protect the lead. I'll miss Cooleys film breakdowns this year since he and Kevin were canned from 980.