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  1. Zazzaro703

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I too find myself actually hating this franchise I once loved and followed obsessively. I actually said those exact words “I freaking hate this team” more than once yesterday while listening on 980 while doing other things because I’m done wasting Sunday afternoons when in 2019 there are thousands of other ways to entertain yourself for 3 hours that actually brings satisfaction. I’ve missed more redskins football from the last few games of last year to now than I had in 25 years. The football that I have watched this year with the 3rd and long conversions, the bonehead penalties has been the same inept crap we have seen for what seems like forever. It’s a losing culture and the fanbase just cannot take it anymore. The few holdouts that are left need to stop watching and going to games. Guess what, if the Redskins ever do fix this disaster and win a Super Bowl it will be just as sweet for me as it will be for them even if I miss a few seasons while they continue to suffer through it. I can do without the badge of honor of watching the pitiful ending of the Bruce Allen era. So that is a pointless argument, we are beyond the suffering through it to get to the good times. I feel sorry for the players that actually give a damn and are stuck here and doomed from the start because the front office is one of the worst outfits if not the worst across all of sports. I just thank the Capitals for somehow finding a way to raise the cup and I will enjoy watching all their games this year as I have in years past especially knowing that it burns a hole in Dans ass that the Capitals are what the Redskins should be.
  2. Zazzaro703

    Case Keenum Named Week 1 Starter

    I’ll be really discouraged if smash mouth 35 rushing attempts a game football isn’t the game plan with the stable of RBs we have combined with the other issues we have on offense. We went 6-2 last year with Alex Smith playing C- football and even that grade might be generous. Case just needs to protect the ball because I can’t see him playing much worse than Smith was playing. The plan and focus has to be run the football, play great defense and turnovers at a bare minimum. Oh and also run the football.
  3. In terms of what Doug said and knowing how Dan and Bruce operate, I’ve always expected Haskins to start week 1. If he isn’t, it means disaster because he isn’t even close to being ready. The front office needs to sell tickets and in this case I can’t even fault Dan for really wanting Haskins to start week 1 after what fedex looked like week 17 last year. If Haskins is even close to being ready, I expect him week 1 whether Jay likes it or not. I really hope they hold out and start him at least after the tough opening to our schedule, but it is what it is.
  4. Zazzaro703

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    No disfunction right now? I’d consider what happened with our D coordinator position earlier this year disfunction and not the right way to go about business. I get what you are saying in terms of drafting though, they have done a good job the last few years but I cannot be convinced that there is no disfunction in the front office. DW got thrown to the wolves over Reuben Foster, a little further back the Scot M. debacle. Kirk Cousins, another well played situation by the FO.
  5. Zazzaro703

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    I give the draft an A. We got some potentially great players without having to give up hardly anything at all (a 2nd rounder next year which I was already completely fine with trading for Rosen). My enthusiasm for this team and really football in general was at an all time low last December and now I’m back in wanting to see this draft class develop this year and absolutely cannot wait to see this team next year after another FA and draft period. So, going from hardly interested at all to looking forward to the future I have to give the organization an A even if the process seems a little strange. Side note, I really think our organizational disfunction bamboozled the Giants into take Daniel Jones at 6. They probably thought there is no way we would be that out in the open about wanting Haskins and pulled the trigger on Jones worried it was all smoke screen from known buffoons trying to be sneaky.
  6. Zazzaro703

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    Yeah, a lot of my Flowers memories are yucking it up as he got blown past and Eli throwing himself into the dirt before contact gets to him so he doesn’t take a hit.
  7. Zazzaro703

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    Brady averaged 2.59 seconds to throw this season, third-quickest in the NFL. The quick-trigger meant he was pressured on just 17.9 percent of dropbacks, fewest in the NFL -- New England allowed 8.6 percent pressure rate to interior pass rushers this season (fourth-lowest in NFL). TB12 has taken the quick-pass to another level in the playoffs. He averaged 2.33 seconds to throw versus the Chargers and 2.51 seconds against K.C., per Next Gen Stats.
  8. Zazzaro703

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    Brady also gets the ball out just about faster than any other QB so most times the D can’t even touch him. Often defensive players are quoted saying how frustrating it is when they play against him. It’s a combination of a lot of things, that Pats Offense is a well oiled machine which can’t happen unless all of them are on the same page operating at a very high to elite level.
  9. Zazzaro703

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    I’m okay with drafting O-line with the rest of our picks. Maybe one will hit and we can get a bunch of players learning the playbook now so they have a head start when we need to pull o-line off the street in late October.
  10. Zazzaro703

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    I’m coming around on him. He’s gotten us Norman, Collins and Haskins as well as provided us with some amazing Daniel Jones reaction videos today. Seems like a good guy.
  11. Zazzaro703

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    As we all know we are completely screwed at the QB position for a couple years so being able to add a QB on a rookie contract was the only way we even had a chance to get a higher ceiling guy in here over Keenum and McCoy. If he doesn’t turn out, we probably suck for two years anyways and just reset the QB position when Alex Smith can come off the books.
  12. Zazzaro703

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    Is it possible the Redskins FO actually rope a doped the Giants into picking Jones at 6? I just cannot believe they had Allen fall into their laps and pulled the trigger on Jones when they could have sat back and gotten him at 17 or traded back up a few spots ahead of the skins. All the talk of the Skins moving up and the football guys liked Jones day of the draft. I didnt want want a first round QB because I figured it would be the 4th or 5th one drafted at 15 or we’d give up a ton of assets to move up, but I’m fine with Haskins at 15. Ideally, we wouldn’t have gone QB because I have doubts Jay will be here next year but we also got an incredible impact player in a position of need with our 2nd and next years 2nd. I was willing to trade a 2nd for Rosen so that’s a wash for me and an incredible first round by the Redskins. The thing with QBs is you never know what’s going to happen until they are in the system. Great QBs can suck and not so great QBs can look fantastic. Rolling the dice at 15 not having to give up anything additional was a price the organization was going to pay (they also needed to inject life into the fan base and try to sell some tickets which is why I was terrified they sell the farm and move up).
  13. Zazzaro703

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Man from the outside looking in this seems like Bruce and Dan don’t get the joke and maybe blame Brian for the woeful attendance this year. Instead of seeing that this is all the result of a subpar product for decades rather than a change in marketing that just so happened to coincide with lower ticket sales. Obviously, I have no idea what went on behind the scenes so I’ll hold judgement and pray that my instinct is wrong because I preferred the cold water to the face dose of reality the marketing team used admitting there was no season ticket waitlist and the better food was a step in the right direction trying to make coming to the stadium a worthwhile use of time. I guess we will see but with the egos involved it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they just looked at the numbers from last year to this year and think they can do things better.
  14. Zazzaro703

    Marketing Geniuses

    One thing is certainly true, for whatever reason being in the spotlight for 4 months out of the year is just too much for this organization. Year after year the wheels come flying off the wagon and things turn into a dumpster tire fire. Even with the spotlight off for 8 months, these boobs somehow always seem to remind us that yup they are still there running the ship ashore during the offseason. Well, the marketing ideas have all dried up and the majority of the fan base has no desire scheduling a full day outing to Fedex when there are 20 other better options for your Sunday and watching at home is a way better experience. Losing 3 hours of your Sunday on top of being in a **** mood the rest of the day 8+ weeks a season is bad enough, adding the perils of getting to and from Fedex is just unreasonable. This organization has always been reluctant to have full rebuild out of fear of losing the fan base, well after one more year of Jay Gruden and hopefully a much clearer picture at the QB position there is no reason to not have a fire sale and field a team of young hungry players put together by a front office organization that’s only inclusion of Dan Snyder is signing checks. Hire a top outside firm to interview GMs and go from there. Will it happen? Of course not so I’ll see you all next year at the annual tire fire. One cannot even fathom what fireworks will come along with the end of the Jay Gruden era.
  15. Zazzaro703

    Who should be the next head coach for the Skins

    It’s going to be Gruden for one more year. What quality coach in their right mind would come here? We have a lot of money tied up at the QB position and at this point I’m just hoping Alex Smith is able to walk normally again. So Gruden is back, then what? I really hope we don’t waste a high round draft pick on a QB selected by a coach who most likely won’t be around beyond a year. I’d rather we trade anyone of value away and eat a bag of **** next year ready to come back in 2019 with a full rebuild. New front office, new coaching, younger new players. Pretty much anyone other than our D-line and Tress Way can be had for a trade. They have resisted the full rebuild because they were afraid of losing the fans, well one look at the stadium each home game tells me that shouldn’t be an issue anymore. I like Jay Gruden, but he isn’t anything better than an 8-8 coach. Sure he can hit 10-6 if we get some bounces and some luck, but with no bounces and no luck can go 6-10. It’s just not good enough. Whats really devasting is had McVay just made it one more year maybe he would have been our coach this year. I could have seen them axing Jay at the end of last year if he were still on staff and wanted the job. McVay is everything you would want in a young upcoming coach and it was probably divine intervention that took him out of DC before his career went up in flames here.