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  1. I could see why he would stay behind to avoid being a Jet. Barring an injury which is the only reason why it is risky to stay behind, he would still be the number one pick the following draft. And if the NY has first pick this year they will take Fields, who many say is not that far behind Lawrence. Thinking long term The Jets would ruin him as a pro. They are not an organization that can develop a quarterback and after four years he will be branded a bust and then be out the leauge or best case scenario be a journeyman back up signal caller. For 99.9% of the population they w
  2. Part of me will always have a soft spot for Gus. When I started watching football he was my first QB.
  3. Another question; are retired numbers back on the market since the name Redskins has been absconded? Will players be allowed to wear numbers 9, 44, 21, etc, etc?
  4. When my brother asked me when I was going to get my RG3 jersey I gave the same answer. He was so confident that he would be around long term he got me one as a present and said "trust me Griffin is to talented to be a flash in the pan." Not to long afterwards he got me a Aaron Hernandez jersey, because he knew how much I liked him. After that I told him surprise me with the best player of every player the Skins are playing this season, LOL.
  5. I just love how he is the only top five pick, from his draft class, who's still with his original team.
  6. Lets hope he continues his offensive line wizardry with The Redskins?
  7. Coach Gibbs is definitely a legend. I would place him in the top three, at least, of all time great co aches.
  8. Blasphemy! That's like saying a platypus is a bird because it has a beak?
  9. I think their story arc was the only planned thing in the entire trilogy.
  10. The Vikings have been doing a lot better than The Redskins since they signed Cousins. And who exactly has the FO spent all this money on that they didn't want to give to Kirk?
  11. Maia has, perhaps, the greatest BJJ pedigree in MMA history. Its a sodding shame his only title fights were against guys he couldn't takedown and use it against.
  12. With their pitching abilities The Nationals can slug it out with either The Wanks or the Astros.
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