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  1. So 10-6 looks to be the most popular prediction -- ha,... They'll be lucky if they win 6, so, being the positive leaning guy I am I'll say 6-10. With Gruden being fired end of season.
  2. He was definitely involved with the Haskins pick. I like Haskins and hope he does well, but Dan making the pick just taints it for me,......I'll shut up now. Mclaurin looks to be a fast, tough kid -- the Ohio State connection,...I guess it's a good thing but these kids are professionals now and need to learn to play with whomever the football people in the organization deems are the best players for the given situation. I guess they thought he was the best WR on the board, I hope they're right -- I'd have preferred Miles Boykin, but, what the F do I know.
  3. Dan Snyder more than likely. We know him. J/k,....sort of -- wishing this kid luck. Seems like a solid pick.
  4. "IDEAL situation"? Far, far from it. The FO is broken. They are not capable, in it's current form, to properly evaluate and hire innovative talent. There are countless examples of their ineptitude over the years and it's continued with their failed pursuit of Bowles and Williams for DC while never officially firing Manusky. I will agree they could find a young coach and convince him to come here by offering him a great salary, but that person would be potentially tainting his career due to the current state of this franchise.
  5. Probos

    Poll : Source of Massive Injuries the last 2 years

    The "source" of all the injuries this team has incurred over the past 2 years is a little bit of -- some preventable, some bad luck. I would also attribute slightly more of it to the toxic environment that the leadership of this organization has set up and perpetuated consistently for years.
  6. Why would the "house cleaning" start with letting go brand new employees (hired less than a year ago) that were essentially the only positive force for change in this disaster of an organization? Your question of "why the hell do you start with marketing?" is basically the answer. I'm done with this **** -- I've basically watched emotionally detached as a fan for the last few years, but this move tells me exactly ZERO has changed with ol' Danny boy. Have fun watching this embarrassment -- I'm out.
  7. Probos

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    After watching the consistent failure of this organization for almost 20 years it's not "staggering" to me at all. It's just what they are. It's embarrassing for sure, but as long as the people at top are satisfied with the bottom line I don't see much changing. Bruce is a gutless, no-spine-having politician of the highest order. So him and Dan using a Redskins legend like Doug the way they are is no surprise. Again, it's just what they are,'s just what they do.
  8. I disagree completely -- but, really doesn't matter at this point.
  9. Football IQ and athleticism are two entirely different things. Also, Colt has several more years within this system which gives him an edge in "Football IQ" relevant to running this offense. We'll see what happens from here on out. I wish Colt luck -- hopefully the team and rally around him.
  10. You think Colt is more athletic than Alex???? Oh my god......
  11. That's where I differ -- I just don't take it personally. Players come and go, I'm secure in my fandom -- I certainly don't "live and breathe" this team. I've been there done that -- more to life. Just be happy this team in is first place after 9 games played. Didn't foresee that.
  12. It's pissing you off because you're taking it personally. You should never do that with regard to your fandom. On the flip side Josh does himself and the team a disservice. You can say whatever you want, but, that doesn't mean you should. Well then, I'll make sure to never hire Josh to be my life coach.
  13. A fine? Ha...ok commrade. That said I really don't why players say anything regarding the fans in a negative way. Does he really think it's going to encourage fans to come out and cheer? You sound like a cry baby Josh. Just shut up and play.
  14. Maybe we should look at it this way -- Alex Smith is the caretaker of the team. He's tough, safe, somewhat predictable, but doesn't turn the ball over much. He also has a calm, leadership quality that his teammates respond to. So, while he's at the helm we have the young studs on the defense potentially changing the culture and attitude of the team and potentially the organization (that will be tough I know). So, while I don't see this team doing anything truly spectacular with him at QB he could be the one the helps "right the ship" and puts it on a good course for the future.
  15. Yeah, trading your best players is always a good move -- especially after 4 games and a loss to one of the best teams in the league. Great idea,...ha. And if they actually did they wouldn't get much, if anything.  Well, sure, they got blowed out but, did anyone think they were really gonna win in NO, on Monday Night, against Drew Brees playing for the NFL all-time yardage record? Everyone calm down.  This team is just ok,...they're gonna win maybe 7 or 8 games tops. It's all about expectation level. More than likely after this season Jay will be fired and the "Moron Trust" at the top will start all over,....yet again. So, you'll get your wish for a "rebuild", but, you'll have to wait. Be patient.