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  1. The end of that thought, the key. I keep hearing so many people saying the Skins need to tank,...get the highest or #1 pick, etc. If Bruce is still here that means Dan's current mindset is intact (which really hasn't changed much from 20 years ago), so why would I, or anyone else be excited about having a top 3 pick in next years draft? It's akin to giving a Lamborghini Huracan to a confirmed alcoholic/drug addict moron. "Here ya go buddy -- I know you'll get the best out of it, drive it right and take care of it!"
  2. Probos

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Bruce has top-level arrogance with little to no "game" to back it up, and honestly I question his intelligence level. Not that his a dumb guy, but it's just not up to the standard of what he needs to be for a person in the position that he's in. He backhandedly insulted the fans while complimenting the Patriots, refuses to take any responsibility for the current situation by defending his scouts and Doug (yo man,...I feel for you). Mentioning his time card and putting in the time and "caring" -- so fuking what. That's what you're suppose to do, fans expect them to put in the time and care -- this business is results based,...not "caring" and "my guys put in the time" based. He did this all while blaming everything on Jay. Ha,'s amazing how unimpressive he is -- people say he's a "politician" type. I think he tries, but he's really, really bad at it. He's a walking example of how life is truly unfair - ha.
  3. Probos

    I Fear Bruce Is Here Until Stadium Deal Is Done..

    I wonder if Dan is consulting with the owners and fans of the opposing teams to get their opinion on what they might want regarding the new stadium? I mean, why not setup designated areas for Eagles, Giants and Cowboy fans -- make them feel as cozy and comfy as possible since they will be fully representing for their teams. Like for the Eagles fans we can set up a make-shift jail right next to their tailgating area. Oh! And since the Pats are such a great organization with great fans lets dedicate at least half the stadium to them all with massage seats and free hoodies with the sleeves cut off. And of course for the remaining Skins fans the team should offer incentives for selling their tickets on the secondary market (apparently Bruce loves this!), like maybe a autographed photo of Bruce guzzling a Coors Light. Or even better, a autographed photo of Dan lounging on his yacht. Oh man,....almost makes me want to buy season tickets and sell them -- that would be so great!
  4. Oh boy,....he's just so inspiring! Culture is damn good based on the 6-3 record last season before Alex's leg was destroyed. And, come on the young guys want to win so,'s all good. You're doing a lovely job Bruce!
  5. Probos

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Yes, they've been very stable and consistent in their failure. Gotta give it to em for that! I suppose only having two coaches in the last 10 years, compared to six in the first 10 years is progress. Good on ya Danny boy! But there still one thing he just can't seem to stop doing and that's picking players and having Bruce (a confirmed loser) in charge of anything personnel-wise.
  6. Probos

    Poll: Who will be the Redskins Coach tommorow

    This is THE question. Also, as the team's President/GM I'll expect a press conference today with him answering all the hard questions regarding this organization currently and moving forward for the remainder of the season.
  7. Probos

    Poll: Who will be the Redskins Coach tommorow

    I think the assessment of Haskins has been made. He's not ready and never was. He was over drafted by Dan/Bruce and given to a lame-duck HC who didn't want him. Classic Dan move,...just classic. OH! And now the HC is fired 5 games into the season. I'm sure everything will work out great for the remainder of the season. I feel really bad for Dwayne -- what a terrible situation to be in. It's F'ing ridiculous.
  8. Probos

    Poll: Who will be the Redskins Coach tommorow

    It doesn't matter who the interim HC is -- in fact, I'd say none of the above wants anything to do with inheriting this flaming fail wagon.
  9. Probos


    New chapter? I suppose,...we can call it -- "The Old Yet Brand New Way To Fail"
  10. Probos

    Gruden fired per John Keim

    Oh boy! Hurray! Finally the source or all the Skins woes has been fired. Hallelujah! I'm sure everything will be great from here on out!
  11. Sure,..there may be more vids. I guess we'll see.
  12. I was over zealous with the word "not",...obviously. ha,.. Sure, I suppose C is the easier answer and more than plausible. A,...nah. B -- possible. Who knows,..and I'm sure we'll never know for sure. The only thing I know for sure is the FO stinks and is mostly responsible for the current state of the franchise.
  13. Sure, could be from years ago, who knows. If it is would explain the lack or other videos, but, I find the timing of the leak interesting. I'm probably wrong, but there's no way I'm defending this joke of a FO.
  14. "copping out"? So, you think it's not possible that Dan and/or Bruce would not be involved in anyway in "leaking" this video? The timing is spot on considering the current state of the team. Dan/Bruce taking massive criticism (and rightly so), well as Jay. He is dead man walking so let's make him look as bad as possible before we get rid of him. It does almost seem absurd doesn't,.....but fits their bumbling ways. But,...I guess there's always a chance it's just some random guy on Twitter having fun. This fooking franchise is a mess, an embarrassment,...a joke.
  15. Tin foil hat? You don't need to be a conspiracy theorist to believe that -- come on. Leaked right before the Pats game on his way to 0-5!? it's almost hacky on the FO's part. Good lord,....ha