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  1. I'd agree with this,...it's very possible. As for why -- Just a theory -- the "questionable/odd" decision making and his explanations for them is a cleverly shrouded way of tanking. Think about it.
  2. Exactly -- he was another Dan/Bruce signing using one of their fool proof methods of talent evaluation: - A fan of the team growing up - Raised or played in the local DMV area - Played at Alabama It's working out really well so far!
  3. I think most thought he was a reach immediately after drafting -- hand picked by Dan is at minimum always gonna be a reach. If he's traded for a ham sandwich or a serving of avocado toast it's an abject failure,...yet again. Yeah,...I agree, Turner's offense really seems to lack creativity. The O-line play is a big factor -- when your QB has 2.3 seconds to get rid of the ball before being buried,...wow.
  4. Absolutely, and that's a problem -- overall, outside of week 1 the defense has been just OK. But, the offense is so incredibly bad at this point that the defense just doesn't get a break. The entirety of the organization is a mess man....just terrible. On and off the field. We're 5 weeks in and there's talk of trading your 1st round QB pick from a year ago. Think about that -- debacle.
  5. It only took 5 games for them to look pretty much exactly like they did last year......maybe worse. It definitely feels the same. It's a shame they couldn't build off of the opening day win, but,...let's face it,...they're just not a good team. The Haskins situation is just a debacle -- nice job Dan. I don't see many more wins for The Football Team this season -- I'll probably win just enough to eliminate them from the Trevor Lawrence sweep stakes. And, honestly, career-wise for him,.....it will probably workout better.
  6. Well, unfortunately Ron's old skoolness got him then. Social media is easiest way to make whatever you're doing looking much better than it really is,....it's not reality. I think it's still too early to just bury the kid, but, his play on the field coupled with some of the reports we're hearing -- it's not looking good. I made a post here some time after he was drafted hoping he'd workout, but, also saying (and I know it's wrong) a part of me hoped it wouldn't workout because Dan hand picked him. Actually a part of me feels sorry for Dwayne -- he was clearly over drafted by s
  7. I agree with this point of view -- There are a lot of reasons/excuses to be made for Dwayne's poor play overall, some valid, some not. One of the most obvious valid ones for me is this past off-season -- new HC and staff, covid, the name change, the Snyder debacle and sexual harassment stuff,..new HC has cancer. I mean,....just unreal that they've been able field a team that's playing games -- It all factors in heavily. But, my mind always goes back to this, for better or worse,....should The Football Team have drafted this kid in the first place? Lets remember where the team was at that p
  8. Well, if this is the case then all of the "oh, because they hired Rivera things are different" (which I thought was BS to begin with) is out the window. If Dan is dictating to this coaching staff who plays and who doesn't in any capacity then things are already broken, and just like all the others before him, the RR era will end in failure. So,....let's hope this is not the case. Outside of some quick flashes here and there Dwayne looks bad. That said I believe he needs to continue to start until at least the bye week. If it gets to the point that Allen is starting because Dway
  9. The WFT started out slow but ultimately took advantage of a dinged up Eagles team. That's what good teams do,.....right? That was the most fun I've had watching a game (for our boys) since the RG3 Anomaly Year of 2012. Watched it with my Mom and brothers -- twas a good day. I'm enjoying the moment.
  10. Agree -- 100%. Now, we just have to hope Dan will let him do his job.
  11. I'm pretty happy about this -- finally. I'm listening to the interview with him on Grant and Danny right now. I love the fresh outlook.
  12. Considering everything working against them (I don't think I have to point it all out here,...you all know), and a new HC that seems to have had little time to be an actual football coach they'll be lucky to win 6 games. If all games are played 5-11 -- it's gonna be rough.
  13. Yes -- in fact, they should just use that exact uniform minus the old logo and helmet.
  14. Whatever with the name at this point,.....my only request is - please,....PLEASE, ace the white pants. Go with the throw back gold color -- it's so much better.
  15. I never had an opinion of Larry outside of him being a ****ty announcer. The typical cheesy delivery -- and his work on Redskins Nation sucked as well. Am I surprised he's a ****ing creep? No. And, he "retires" before the "bombshell" story drops. Telling,...
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