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  1. "Not medding enough"? Are you kidding me? Are you saying the team would be better off if he meddled more? Holy crap,..... Ok,....I would say, considering Dan has been a documented meddler and bad owner for the vast majority of his tenure that maybe he's gained a tiny bit of patients, but he's far from a truly patient owner. If you look at some of the most successful teams over the past 15 or so years, Pats, Steelers, Ravens, Seahawks, Packers, Saints, hell, even the Giants, they had HC's they stuck with for awhile. And the four of those teams still have the same HC. Now, I will say a lot that success was them finding a good QB which speaks to the football people in those orgs making the football decisions. It just gives you a better chance of success and lowers the risk. And regarding the Gruden era, I'd argue that if Dan/Bruce's ego's weren't so bruised at Jay going with Kirk (come on man,..we all know what happened), had signed him when they could and let the personal department draft/build around the offense Jay had going with him, who knows, might have translated to some success. But obviously we'll never know. I know most fans are excited about Rivera,...I get it and I'm hoping for the best. But, let's not starting giving Dan the benefit of the doubt all the sudden, and again, so quickly. It's been 20 years of mostly failure man. The record speaks for itself and he is the only common denominator.
  2. Ha -- Ok -- so he's a patient unimpressive, ego maniacal boob. Oh yeah, what a great combo. His record over the past 20 years speaks volumes and there's no reason to rehash at this point. His opening salvo at the RR presser is just the latest example of his unbelievably tone deaf, ego-driven mindset. It really is amazing how simply firing some people and hiring a new coach can push all the years of failure and embarrassment to the back of a lot people's minds on this board. Lots of Danny love going around,..ha. Skins will always be my team but I don't see myself ever liking Dan as an owner on any level. Who knows,...surest thing in life is change, but, it's not looking good to change my mind as of Jan 2020.
  3. Probos

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    Great come back bro -- super creative,...good job!
  4. Hopeful,....sure, I'm hopeful. You sound like you're mostly where I'm at with this franchise but are choosing to lean positive overall -- and I understand, but I'm gonna have to see something consistent in the way of winning before I could be exactly where you're at. We'll see where this thing is 2-3 years in, but if I were a betting person I'd probably put my money on the "same ole, same ole" selection,....or whatever it's called.
  5. Yeah, Dan looked bad. Looked uber nervous, uncomfortable with huge bags under his eyes,...the "joke" at the beginning was just awful, not funny. He barely speaks in public, is as awkward a dude as there is and he's going to lead off the presser with a ****ty, inside joke? Did his advisors suggest doing it? Just embarrassing,... I'm sure he's stressed, and considering the results of his 20 year rein it's not surprising. But unlike you I don't feel bad for him, not one bit. The current condition of the franchise (including the overall record) is of his own making. He's been involved in the football side the whole way and from what was said in the presser yesterday he intends to keep it that way on some level. Lovely. Pressers after hirings don't really mean much -- most new coaching hires say good/and or/all the right things at the initial presser. Ron seems like a good dude and is obviously a good coach. I understand most fans are excited, but there have been many good coaches that have come through the doors in Ashburn. I feel like I've seen this movie before so, I'm not gonna waste my energy on being "excited" just yet. Ron's got a lot of work ahead of him and I wish him and his staff luck because he's gonna need a good amount of it.
  6. Yeah right? Forgive me for not dropping my pants and spreading out a beach blanket in front of me just yet. Great that Bruce is gone,....obviously long over due. Still concerned with the configuration of the FO. Who is in charge, what's the chain of command and why was this not communicated before the official announcement of the hiring of Rivera? We've seen this **** before with Shanahan. Everyone was so excited, and most were excited to have Bruce as GM/Pres,..or whatever the **** he wanted to call himself depending on the day. Remember,'s been 20 years of BS. So, while I hope for the best obviously and wish Ron luck I'm not gonna reserve my excitement until we see how this whole thing will shake out with positive results.
  7. "Credit where it's due"? I suppose for keeping things under wraps,...sure. Other than firing Bruce (bravo) and a new HC what exactly has been "re-configured"? Who is the GM or Pres of Football Ops? What exactly is the chain of command regarding football operations?
  8. I'll be honest -- when I first heard that Joe was hired for his 2.0 stint my first reaction was "Why?" This has been done,....find your own way Dan, hire a good GM and have him get a HC and define this your own way. Such a non-innovative/creative mind he is -- no true vision,....and it seems he's not changed much if at all. Ugh,.... But, I bought in after a while like everyone else did. It's the best stretch in Dan's rein, but that's not saying much -- 2 playoff appearances and a 30-34 record in 4 years.
  9. That's because most on this board are drinking the koolaid Danny boy is serving up again.
  10. Is he? Why is he among the "best possible moves" exactly? Says who? Dan? Therein lies the rub. It's nice that Dan "legitimately cares about his players",...he should, but seriously, who cares. As the owner of an NFL team your main concern/job should be to hire a good football person(s), ie GM, and then they run the football side of things from there -- hiring an HC, personal, culture, etc. Your defense of Snyder and his ways is admirable on a certain level, but ultimately his track record as owner speaks for itself and I'm not gonna go over it because it would take hours -- I think most on this board know the lowlights. Dan has a real opportunity, right now, to do something completely different than what he's done and the past and truly change things for the football team. Him hiring Rivera and then simply promoting people from within after the fact (here Ron, use these guys) is more of the same. So, why would I or any other fan be hopeful if that happens? Bruce being gone is very, very good,, follow through and do the right thing Dan. Actually, if Dan is hiring Ron as the overall football guy/GM, I think that would be much more acceptable. Then, let him hire who he wants -- if that happens to be people already there (after appropriate interviews), so be it.
  11. Good -- now, Dan,....hire a good GM and get out of the ****ing way. But,...I guess that makes too much sense now doesn't it?
  12. Who is going to be the GM?? And why was he not named before hand and to at least give the outward appearance from a media standpoint that he was hiring the coach himself? OH! I know why,....because DAN IS DONIG THE HIRING! All the reports were that Dan had an "indepentent" group of "football people" advising him. If Dan is, at some point, promoting someone within then why would I believe that that person (Kyle Smith???) was the one that picked Rivera? Bruce may be gone as a football decision maker,..but,..nothing much has changed .
  13. Probos

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Ok, I'll play....this is what I wanted: 1. Bruce's position as GM/Pres of Football Ops....whatever the **** his title is/was, to be upgraded. 2. The upgrade to the above position to be filled with a competent (and possibly well respected) NFL GM. 3. That GM then comes in and does the first job on his plate -- hire a HC. That didn't happen so, me, the true core of the issues/problems with this franchise have not changed.
  14. But, there is something wrong with that. It's the wrong way to do things. So,...that makes is WRONG.