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  1. Probos

    2020 Schedule Leaks/Prediction Thread

    Well, I think for Cincy it has everything to do with Burrow, #1 pic and a QB. Jax,...yeah, clue there.
  2. Probos

    2020 Schedule Leaks/Prediction Thread

    Skins were a really ****ty 3-13 last year. They have no stars (not yet anyway). Rivera is new, but not "high profile" coach. FedEx is either half full with over half being fans of the opposing team or, if fuller,...even more full of the opposing teams fans. And the Skins don't do well TV ratings-wise,...even locally, unless they play the Cowboys, Eagles or Giants. So, it makes perfect sense that the NFL wouldn't give them any prime time games. It just good business. I mean,...the TGiving game is close -- but, they're just playing on the old rivalry, tradition thing -- and honestly, that's not really a thing anymore. it's dead.
  3. Probos

    2020 Schedule Leaks/Prediction Thread

    I agree -- PrimeTime isn't their problem. It's just a fraction (albeit a very bad one) of their overall Suck-TI-Tude for the better part of two decades.
  4. Probos

    "Project 11" Alex Smith's ESPN 30-for-30

    Guice did have an infection but not the same kind that Alex had. That said, sure, it's possible sub-optimal sterilization standards could have been the cause.
  5. Probos

    "Project 11" Alex Smith's ESPN 30-for-30

    Absolutely. The thing that was incredibly interesting and the mystery of it all is how he got flesh eating bacteria in that leg. I mean,..correct me if I'm wrong but that's just such an outlier even considering the severity of the injury. The surgeon said in the ESPN piece, "we see two types frequently, but four no". The other two causing the necrotizing fasciitis. Obviously he had to have it on his body before, or, got it on his leg immediately after the injury, thus it ends up in the wound. Even the doctors were confounded. Anyway, really well done piece my ESPN. Alex is a really amazing guy and he knows how lucky he is to be where he's at right now.
  6. Welp, the Skins will have a guitar player when they put together their team band.
  7. If Snyder insisted on DH,...Rivera & Turner chose him?? Um,...yeah that makes no sense and you're missing my point. So, anyway...again -- I hope and DH works out (I do think he's talented) since the choices the current staff are limited. Mostly due to Dan and Bruce's incompetence proceeding his their arrival.
  8. So,..they didn't "tank". That implies they were trying to lose games on purpose. They were just a bad team and lost organically. Um, wasn't serious but Dwayne did get injured and didn't finish the season. As far as his mental "status" now,..who knows. Yup, regime change and we all hope they're more "competent". We'll have to see how it goes. Yes, rookies definitely got playing time. The reason Trent is still here is because Bruce is/was a ****ing asshole. They had good offers, specially from the Browns to move him and the chose to play ****ing games and he's still here and an issue to contend with. Given that Dan just HAD to draft Dwayne in 2019 I hope he's given a true chance to start and be successful because I think he could be really good, but this situation is less that optimal for him. And add in the abbreviated off-season due to covid-19 and it just compounds things. Hell, it was bad coming into last year -- on-the-hot-seat HC, suspect Oline, talent deficient WR corp, etc. It's always the smart move to draft a rookie QB when there's a good chance your HC is gonna be fired mid-season right?! Yup, that always works out,..ha. "Hey Jay, here's a rooke QB that played one season in college. Make it work, get to the playoffs or you're fired!' haha,.. Dan created this current QB situation, and now Rivera and company have to try and make it work. In an alternate universe they've have never drafted Dwayne, Gruden still gets fired 5 games in and they still end up 3-13 with the 2nd pick overall. You hire Rivera, they pick Tua. Would have been so much easier. Oh well.
  9. Well, of course other NFL teams that play the Skins will "concern themselves" with Haskins if he's the starting QB. It's pro football -- all teams game plan. But obviously they can only game plan on what they've seen, and outside of a live/strong arm Haskins hasn't showed much yet. I guess my point being, fans should be hoping Haskins can progress and get better (he's got a lot of work to do) than for other NFL teams to underestimate him.
  10. Not over reacting at all. Simply sharing an opinion that happens to be backed up by 20 years of facts. The numbers don't lie - 142-193-1 Oh, I know he is,...and fans are always known for their measured and reasonable decision making.
  11. I'm 55. My father grew up outside of Chicago in northwest Indiana so he grew up a Bears fan. My initial football fandom was for them since he still followed them even though we lived in the Maryland just out side of D.C. He started following the Skins in the early 70's. I have a vague recollection of watching the '72 SB on TV and watching them play the Buffalo Bills that same season. Those are the earliest memories. My father switched his alligance to the Skins shortly after. I was in HS when Gibbs became HC and was lucky enough to watch all those great teams throughout my teens and into my 20's.
  12. This situation really is amazing, but not surprising -- and it didn't need to be this way. Last year at this time it was pretty clear that Gruden was on the hottest seat of any NFL coach going into the 2019/2020 season. He had to win to retain his job. But Dan just had to have him. He just had to pick a QB in the first round,..because, that's always the formula for success for a lame-duck coach and a talent depleted team. So, now here they are -- Darth Maul is gone, new HC, etc, but still no real GM (whatever right?) and talk of drafting Tua. I mean, I get it, new coach wants his own guy right? Makes perfect sense. And poor Dwayne just moping on Twitter. Oh! And Dan is reportedly "not gonna let this happen". Ha -- it's as classic as it gets. Now, of course this could all be BS and the traditional smoke screen to potentially draw offers for that #2 pick. There is a part of me that would love to see the Haskins pick blow up in Dan's face, but for some reason I'm still more of a fan of the team than a hater of Dan (but not by much at this point). So, with that said I'd like to see them stick with Haskins, build around him and really see what they've got and just pick the almost sure thing at #2. If in an alternate universe they'd have done the right thing last year and not pick Haskins considering their situation at the time, I'd be all in for Tua.
  13. Yeah man! I mean, why do we even have a personal department, and scouts, football people? I mean, he could do it all right? He does have that 20 year track record of success to back him up!
  14. "Not medding enough"? Are you kidding me? Are you saying the team would be better off if he meddled more? Holy crap,..... Ok,....I would say, considering Dan has been a documented meddler and bad owner for the vast majority of his tenure that maybe he's gained a tiny bit of patients, but he's far from a truly patient owner. If you look at some of the most successful teams over the past 15 or so years, Pats, Steelers, Ravens, Seahawks, Packers, Saints, hell, even the Giants, they had HC's they stuck with for awhile. And the four of those teams still have the same HC. Now, I will say a lot that success was them finding a good QB which speaks to the football people in those orgs making the football decisions. It just gives you a better chance of success and lowers the risk. And regarding the Gruden era, I'd argue that if Dan/Bruce's ego's weren't so bruised at Jay going with Kirk (come on man,..we all know what happened), had signed him when they could and let the personal department draft/build around the offense Jay had going with him, who knows, might have translated to some success. But obviously we'll never know. I know most fans are excited about Rivera,...I get it and I'm hoping for the best. But, let's not starting giving Dan the benefit of the doubt all the sudden, and again, so quickly. It's been 20 years of mostly failure man. The record speaks for itself and he is the only common denominator.
  15. Ha -- Ok -- so he's a patient unimpressive, ego maniacal boob. Oh yeah, what a great combo. His record over the past 20 years speaks volumes and there's no reason to rehash at this point. His opening salvo at the RR presser is just the latest example of his unbelievably tone deaf, ego-driven mindset. It really is amazing how simply firing some people and hiring a new coach can push all the years of failure and embarrassment to the back of a lot people's minds on this board. Lots of Danny love going around,..ha. Skins will always be my team but I don't see myself ever liking Dan as an owner on any level. Who knows,...surest thing in life is change, but, it's not looking good to change my mind as of Jan 2020.