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Did Anyone Just Watch The Robert Griffin III "Most Intersting QB" Bit on ESPNNEWS?


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-They say the type of offense he plays in (spread) that it will take him some time to learn the playbook. Or that he plays for a nobody, and what could he have done on an SEC team?

-some say he even holds on the ball too long occasionally, disagree.

-fails to go through progressions at times, he looks good on film.

-he did get hurt earlier

Pro's- There are plenty. I think his PRO's out way the CON's. If you read any of the CON's its very little.

-geez, with the flick of the wrist that ball fly's down field with accuracy

- good size 6' 2 220

-Clutch, check out OU, Kansas

-production 3,998 yards/ 33 TD's / 5 INT/ and like 73%

- he can scramble if needed, scramble and throw

-IQ- he already has his masters

-great accuracy

-His a field General, feel like he could almost take control of any offense "west coast, shotgun spread no huddle offense, or a vertical offense"

4 Throws vs OU game


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