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Need help from my brethrens in Australia, friend there had dog stolen.


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Facebook friend had her dog, a female Husky stolen when someone broke into her house and stole the dog. Normally I wouldn't go hardcore into finding a pet, like I am, but her kid is autistic and loves the dog. If you could post this on your facebook or whatever or even look out for the dog, I'd appreciate it. The facebook link is: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Find-My-Stolen-Husky-Puppy-6-Months-Old-Fangtasia/262193857135501

Thanks a million.

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Thanks all, as Ancalagon stated, the Husky is home. Don't have the details, but I'll let you guys know when I receive them if you'd like. If not, mods this can be deleted/locked.

Though I do want to say, this proves once again why I will never leave ES and why I've considered this as my second family for nearly a decade.

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