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  1. Can anyone PM me who is very trust worthy and has strong advice/knowledge in finances and mortgages? I'm close to buying a house, I'm single, I just need someone who is financially knowledgeable to tell me I'll be ok with my payments.
  2. I hate Banks. Mortgage rates went up almost .15% in 2 days because they released the February house foreclosures and the number went down because banks made the foreclosing process harder on the consumer in order to cause delay to boost mortgage rates. This is extremely frustrating for me as I have an offer on a house right now and if I called the mortgage lender a day before I would of been able to get 3.80 instead of now 4.15. While this may not seem that big of a deal, it is to a 26 year old kid buying a house on his own and by himself without being bent over from the greedy/corrupted banks.
  3. What a ***** lesnar was. Luckily I was at a bar and didn't have to pay for PPV but I would of asked for my money back. I expected a better fight than that.
  4. That was clutch my friend, thank you.
  5. Are they ever going to do Anderson SIlva vs GSP? I've been waiting for this fight for years now.
  6. Could a completely seized wheel bearing blow out the differential in a FWD Automatic Transmission? I grenaded the differential on my transmission about 4 months ago and we rebuilt the transmission but are unable to test it yet. Reverse is fine, the car moves forward on it's own when put in drive but doesn't want to move pressing the gas. It almost feels like the emergency brake is on and it's making scratching noises. The car does go forward but if this is the reason the first transmission blew, we don't want to test until new wheel bearings get here. The seals on both of them are completely gone and even with the axels pulled you cannot turn the tires by hand. Thank You.
  7. Okay, I'm starting to get fired up. I replaced the engine in my 92 corolla and just posted about the tranny developing a whine. Well that whine was no joke this morning going to work. Car bucked for about 5 seconds on the interstate and then the whine got real loud with some grinding. Transmission is trashed now. I got one coming for $300 but I have alot of questions. The car is a 3 speed transmission and I'm thinking my mechanic and I forgot to fill up the differential fluid? Could this have been lost replacing the engine? And does this particular transmission automatically fill the differential fluid or is it separate? Bad mistake on our part. Someone let me know what we should be doing for proper maintance on this new trans. It's got 70k miles on it. I plan on getting a filter kit for it. Should I replace anything else before it goes in the car?
  8. 92 Corolla again boys. Replaced the timing belt, engine, waterpump, ect. So far so good until Monday. First, this is a manifold from the new engine and already I think it's cracked cause it's loud and I smell exhaust. I have no o2 sensor in the manifold either (check engine light on). My question is why do I keep cracking manifolds? I'm beginning to think the o2 sensor is causing my car to run lean/hotter? Or i'm leaning toward a clogged cat? Could any of these be a possibility? Also the car has developed a whine past 30mph. Transmission is perfectly fine and shifting no problem. After 30mph the whine is produced by pressing on the gas ever so slightly and goes away when the accelerator is completely let off. Is this the bearings in the alternator?
  9. Okay mechanics, so it turned out the distributor just needed to be rotated a tad as the cap was not making proper contact. So engine runs beautiful but vibrates at certain parts of the transmission. The transmission is perfectly fine so I'm thinking maybe the throttle valve cable needs to be adjusted properly? Is this correct? The engine is shifting gears very early and it's almost like the engine is not reved high enough to sustain 3rd or 4th gear going 20mph.
  10. Do you guys possibly think I may have a vacuum leak and that's why the Toyota is doing what it's doing?
  11. TWA, Koolblue...........Thank you for the replies. I will have a lots of things to check on Monday but the good news is you guys telling me it's not the engine. And like both of you said, I have the old engine still and the old parts from it so swaps can be made. I will keep you updated, Thanks again guys.
  12. We will be going more in depth on Monday.....We checked timing again to make sure all the notches matched up and everything is matched the way it should be. We even checked cylinder #1 to make sure it was fully raised to check timing pure shopkey and the timing matches perfectly when the #1 cylinder is at top. Like I said we will dig more Monday, but my main concern is the engine. Does this sound like an engine problem to you guys or possibly a spark/distributor/wires/fuel issue? We unbolted the exhaust from the manifold to make sure it wasnt a clogged CAT and it still ran bad so exhaust is ruled out. Spark plug wires are properly inserted by checking the length. I was thinking it could possibly be a blocked injectors or carb? I guess thats why I'm asking the mechanics. Thanks.
  13. Need some help. It turned out I blew a connecting rod on the #3 cyclinder on a 92 toyora corolla. Got a new engine with 89k miles. Took off the valve cover and the baby looks like a beauty compared to the old. Engine is getting compression fine and seems to be golden, however the car has no power. Replaced the radiator cause it was corroded, new spark plugs, new main crank seal, new waterpump, new timing belt, new accessory belts, new valve cover gasket, camshaft seal, and distributor cap. It starts up alittle teary eyed but runs, you can rev it up with the throttle cable no problem but its very hesistant. When put in drive, reverse, it stalls. Like I said as well when you get it going, there is no power only 10mph. Any thoughts mechanics?
  14. Wish me luck, I will let you know today when the timing cover is pulled. While it sounds like a thrown rod, it also sounds exactly like the timing belt tensioner letting loose. The noise does not change when a plug wire is removed from the valve cover either which I was told is a great sign. ***Cross Fingers***