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  1. Random thought....? My sig rocks:beavisnbutthead:
  2. RjD2 Work It Out music video featuring Bill Shannon who was born with a degenerative hip condition, and he developed a way to express himself through dance and skateboarding on crutches. Check out the last video for a little more insight to who he is. rxjrBd4WE2U y4DjDUL-egs
  3. OWNED! jk:silly: I seriously laugh uncontrollably in spurts when I watch it. Oooooh Craap
  4. I got this from one of the video comments from the video on youtube...
  5. -rcRVyxzkk0 Language NSFW A4XwO504Zz4
  6. I envy his awesomeness. Must be a great feeling to know you are a lethal weapon, and then be humble about it...Like Mr. Miyagi! :pfft:
  7. A lot of these videos are awesome...especially Kung fu Bear and the Blackalicious song from page one... Some more "cool" things. M0LbMQTvlBU 9TajusIENTs NSFW Ij4koOrmc50 WsCbo0JuiBc
  8. Fresh of the press http://extremeskins.com/showthread.php?t=322396
  9. Its easy...Right click the pic you want, click on properties, copy the url, click the tab, and insert (paste) your link... Waaalaaah Also when you use imageshack and photobucket, alot of times the will have a URL under the picture for you to copy... Like wwwimageshack.com/obibynblah blah blah....
  10. Me after the Redskin/Raven scrimmage nice and drunk off $7 beers!!
  11. LOL I know I know, its true... Its like that movie, the one with the big green ogar, and the fair princess....You know the one the kids love, but grown-ups just pretend to like.... Arrrgh
  12. LOL I'll keep that in mind next time I get saucy..
  13. LOL the sauce makes me a happy camper:cheers:
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