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Hey You!? Yeah You! Quit Worrying About the Fans and Focus on The Teeeeeeaaaammmmma.


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I think we can all agree that we are all obsessed about the same thing and that being the Redskins. I mean, why else would we allow our work production to suffer because we can't stand not knowing what is going on at Ashburn without caring so much about the B&G?

That leads me to this question. Why in the hell do so many of you focus so much on the opinions of others 'skins fans instead of channeling that energy towards the people that matter most? That of course being the players and coaches.

You might think you're more of a "real fan" because you choose to agree with most moves the front office makes and if you choose to drink the kool-aid more power to ya. But, I've got news for you, some of the most dedicated, diehard Redskins fans I know are some of the most critical fans I know. I'm one of them and people on this site have seen how "diehard" I truly am.

Sorry for those of you that can't handle criticism when it comes to this team, but I dare you to tell me it hasn't been justified over much of the last 20 years. We're all starving to be that winning franchise again and hopefully we are headed in that direction, but if a fan wants to critique roster moves, players and coaches? So what. At least we are obsessed with what the Redskins are doing and not so focused what other fans opinions are.

I'm not a "Chicken Little," "Negative Nancy," "Debbie Downer," "Not a real fan," etc, etc. I'm a mother ****ing fan of the Washington Redskins and if you don't like the way I choose to be a fan of this team? Too ****ing bad. Quit worrying about the likes of me and turn your attention to, oh I don't know, who will be the Redskins QB come Sept 11th?

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KG - while I somewhat agree with the premise of the post, I do find it mildly ironic that an entire post directed to fans of the team is labeled "Quit Worrying About the Fans"

Yeah yeah. I thought that before I posted it, but it had to be said.

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I think it's a great idea to make a post in the redskins section of this forum and talk only about the way you perceive people to be treating you....

How about putting it in a correct section of this forum, because the truth of the matter is... this has nothing to do with the Redskins. It's just your opinion on how people treat each other on this forum.

(Also, there is a phrase of "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all". Maybe you should consider that the next time you feel like being critical and believe this entire forum wants to know your opinions on how the Redskins should be ran as an organization).

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Too funny. A thread titled "quit worrying about the fans" DIRECTED at fans. :ols:

Well I've got news for you sunshine. If you make a criticism that I feel is unfounded, I'm going to say something. That's how *I* roll as a fan. And as you so eloquently put it: "I'm a mother ****ing fan of the Washington Redskins and if you don't like the way I choose to be a fan of this team? Too ****ing bad. Quit worrying about the likes of me"

And BTW. Nobody like people who are always negative. Negativity is a destructive trait that serves no good to anyone. But more than that, this idea that the history of the past decade is valid reason to criticize Shanahan and Allen is just stupid. They are not responsible for those past mistakes and have solid reputations that they earned as successful leaders. They should be judged by their actions not the actions of those who are gone. And the only way to truly judge those actions is to let them do the job they were hired to do. If you have a valid criticism of their actions now, fine. They are as human as anyone else and as humans, they will make mistakes. But the ONLY way to know it their actions are really mistakes is to let them play out.

I find it mind numbingly stupid that some fans complain about the mistakes of the last 10+ years which primarily came from a win now attitude and by spending money on big names to try to make that happen. Now that we have leadership that is willing to experience growing pains in order to actually grow and get better by thinking long term, some people are calling for their heads for not spending big or bringing in physically gifted head cases.

As for the QB situation that seems to have you so worked up, I said in the beginning, and yesterdays interview with Shanahan supports it... He believes in Beck enough to give him a shot at the starting spot. Meaning there is going to be a QB competition and Beck will have to *EARN* it by being better than Grossman. I can live with that considering that I don't see a better option available right now. The only two QBs I saw as worthwhile were Kolb and Orton and both would come at way too high a price tag for what I consider a moderate upgrade from what we have now. As a die hard fan myself, *MY* opinion is that the lower expectations of our no name offense will let them grow and gel as a team. I'm excited to watch it happen. And if you don't like me saying so in response to one of your posts... "Too ****ing bad."


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I got news for you also Mad Mike. Negativity and criticism are two different cats.

BTW Mike. I like the direction we are going. On paper anyway. I just feel that we are going fo take some lumps this year. I feel we'll be in a lot of games, but at the end of games our lack of superior talent (all NFL players are talented) will be our downfall.

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