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yahoo.com: John Beck was unrecognized and turned away at Redskins Park

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Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan is adamant that relatively unknown John Beck(notes) can be his team's starting quarterback this season. The rest of Washington, D.C., has been a little slower to embrace him.

Beck showed up to Redskins Park on Monday to try to meet with offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, but he wasn't allowed to enter the building. The security guy at the gate had no idea he was the Redskins quarterback.

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As opposed to Rabach who's in the back field before the ball's even passed his ass blocking QB's/ FB's/ RB's alike. (I'll get my coat.).


Nah, put that coat back on the rack. Stay awhile, buddy. Your thoughts are appreciated, even when they're bashing Rabach.

Sorry, typing error ;).

That was supposed to be, "especially when you're bashing Rabach."

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Seriously, how does this happen ?

With all the new faces that come in every year, (rookies, FA's, trades), security should be given a list of names, and if he doesn't recognize someone, ask for an ID. And how did Beck have no problem all of last year with this ?

It's sad that fans are more familiar with players than security employees of an organization.

Maybe I should apply for security at Redskins Park.

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