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  1. I'm just proud to be a Bullets fan again regardless of the outcomes. I don't watch all of the games but I still **** and moan when lose/ win and when such and such is not performing up their capabilities. Wittman does have not have a propensity towards playing rookies... it was all in for Playoffs.
  2. Glad I did not watch this meltdown but I can't say that it surprised me at all. This is not a team that ready to run deep into the playoffs yet. We need another complimentary player to go with Beal... Wall is just that until he literally follows his last name and disappears. Beal is our best player to build around.
  3. All the corniess aside... congrats Wizards. Now, let's hope that Atlanta wins and allows us an opportunity against Miami in ECF...
  4. Another factor to consider is that Ariza is playing on a winning team this season. With having to face the challenges of a new contract and holding up the "Playoffs or Bust" Mantra, this is why you trade Webster and keep THE RZA...
  5. How do you hold out hope for this franchise with EG at the helm? Exactly what I was saying about Vesely as well when he goes to Denver... this franchise will forever more be in purgatory
  6. Do I still have to watch this team with Ernie Dumbfield calling the shots?!
  7. My name is P.E. ED... that's physically enabled Edward. My competitve juice flows like the ripple effect in water.

  8. If I don't recognize the name "Saunders" then obviously I don't want him here lol. I'm torn on Noah... where I can appreciate a quality defender, I am even more accepting of a player who can provide quality shots. But the one thing you can never deny is the competitiveness and drive of a player and Noah has both...
  9. I still do not see what is so special about Monroe other than the fact he's a hometown brethren just like Otto... We need all the scoring options on this team that we can gather.
  10. I have no problem with anything you said. I still would not trade him though. The chemistry that this team has right now is absolutely insane and that is at the fortune of our very own All-star in Wall. There are not that many teams in the league right now with Wall's potential nor his propensity to break down the open floor to give his teammates open looks. I think Ariza will be very mindful this offseason... EG should make no moves just yet especially with how Wittman's loves to rotate his players in and out of the line-ups...
  11. Memo to Wizards: Please do not consider trading Ariza... that is all and thank you.
  12. I DVR'd the game but it sounds as if the game is not even worth watching especially with those percentages.
  13. Who was infamous for the hand checking before mid-court that got the rule implemented in the first place? Was it Marc Jackson? Did you see the chart compiled of all of the players that were a part of the backcourt with Rose dating back to 2000... talk about a rude awakening it's been for Rose.
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