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  1. I just hope that by next year this whole absurd BS will blow over and we can still be the 80 years + REDSKINS! Hail Victory!
  2. One thing I hate is people who make judgments of people's character for whom they have never met. Most who have posted here and have actually met Larry Micheal seem to think he is a great guy. Others not so much. If it comes out he is a scumbag so be it, but let's not pass judgement until judgement is due.
  3. Although now that I think about it, calling COVID19 "Corona" may be considered a slur to the virus.
  4. So all the reporters and journalists are all standing around waiting for someone to be the first to jump into the shark infested waters. Then the rest of them will all become sharks themselves.
  5. Hey you may be on to something there. I don't think Dan was a fan of Case playing with his first round pick sitting on the bench. Conspiracies parley....
  6. I'll be 60 in a couple months. As i stated earlier I am turning in my fan card also. On the bright side, the heart attack rate will probably decrease considerably when the team loses if all us old timers are jumping of the bandwagon.
  7. I wonder which will be worse, wearing Redskins gear or a MAGA hat? Personally I don't want to be confronted by being called a racist so I will be donating all to the thrift shop (if they will accept it) and turning in my fan card. No more NFL for me.
  8. I didn't read every thread so not sure if this has been mentioned. Why not Braveskins? Then all can at least still be "Skins" fans. Put the arrow on the helmet and be done with it. It would also work with the song. "Hail to the Braveskins".
  9. That sounds good in theory, but I just have a bad feeling that sometime during the season cases will start spiking and they will have to shut it down. What if it only happens to one team or a few teams? Will they have to forfeit games while the rest of the teams keep playing? I just see a lot that can go wrong with this. I don't think this virus is just going to fizzle out by September. I really hope I am wrong.
  10. The one thing I don't understand is what happens if a player on the team has symptoms and tests positive during the season? Does the whole team need to self quarantine and forfeit games?
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