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Skins fan who gave my child a pass to enter the player parking lot, thank you! Photos included


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Awww, that story and these pics put such a big smile on my face today!! What a nice fan to give your son an opportunity like that a props to the Skins who took a little time out to pose with a little youngster after the game. Way cool all around. :D

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And I'm pretty sure Fletcher's Louis Vuitton satchel cost more than my first car. :ols:

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THAT is very cool!

Gave me a big smile.

Good for that fan, and GREAT for you and your son!


I couldn't have said it better. With all of the doom and gloom, the anger and frustration, this is such a great story. Thanks for sharing and thanks to the fan who gave the kid his pass. This thread not only put a smile on my face, it choked me up a little.

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Looking at that photo of Beck, I think he could do loops around the concourse level of FedEx at halftime, and not a single fan would know who the hell he was...

BTW, he doesn't look very Mormonish in that pic, unless a lot of Mormons drive Peterbilts.

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