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LA Times: Coming in 2012...the once and future Los Angeles Chargers?


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Bills fans are very devoted. It is the Bills that haven't supported their fans.

Like Jason said, Buffalo LIVES for it's football team. It's the organization up there that's the disgrace because they aren't in a major market and want to move to one were the TV bucks are higher. There's way better examples of team's you could move before Buffalo. (Not that I'm a fan of any city loosing a franchise, by ya' know.).


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I don't think it matters where the chargers play honestly. That fanbase isn't exactly diehard. That Raiders game was basically a home game for the Raiders, add in the blackouts, and the military in the area and its not much of a homefield advantage. They rarely fill that stadium and because so much of their population is from other parts of the country, you get a lot of fairweather fans or fans cheering for the opposition. Some team should move to LA, its good for business.

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LA is going to get a pro team, maybe two- whether they care or not.

Teams with stadium issues:

1. Chargers

2. Raiders

3. 49ers

4. Vikings- their lease expires after 2011 season.

Other teams with issues:

1. Bills- great fanbase but the market is small and once Ralph Wilson is dead, this team is up for sale.

2. Jags- Never should've been given a franchise.

Odds are at least half of those 6 franchise could move.

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Once Ralph Wilson dies, I think they'll be in better shape with a new owner.

Never understood Jax getting a team when Baltimore and St. Louis were better cities.

I don't think the Niners will leave SF.

Wouldn't put it past the Chargers to go back to LA or Al Davis to go back to LA. I like the "Oakland" Raiders better. Sounds old school.

I doubt the Vikings leave. Los Angeles Vikings? Bleh.

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