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  1. TNA has fired Ric Flair, so hopefully he'll be back with WWE soon. IMO Flair should be Dolph Ziggler's mentor / manager in WWE. TNA was using Flair PERFECTLY when he first arrived in 2010 when A.J. Styles was his front man. IMO Flair should be Bobby Heenan and whoever they pair him with should be Nick Bockwinkel. Connected at the hip forever, no splitups six months into it.
  2. Does anyone here get the Ring of Honor TV show? It's a decent alternative to WWE. Great workers galore, lots of action and logical storylines.
  3. This Jerry Lawler-Michael Cole stuff is gold. Really a sign of where the WWF is in 2011 when the top babyface is 61 year old Lawler and the top heel by far is the lead announcer.
  4. Qatar 2022: Bad news is no boisterous celebrations in the stadium or on the street. Good news is vuvuzela blowing is punishable by having one's tongue cut out.
  5. Qatar is claiming they will have climate-controlled stadiums for the World Cup. On the plus side, if they are willing to give a World Cup to a team with a national team that is that brutal, then maybe Canada has a shot at hosting some day. Oh, and anyone making the Qatar trip have fun drinking diet soda in the stands
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