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  1. I actually really like the articles he writes for the Athletic. I'm glad I ponied up the money.
  2. Sounds good on the surface but at least with Sweat, we have a top 15 pass rusher. No guarantee the younger players you replace him with will be any good.
  3. Maybe I'm not "getting" it, but why bother trading your starting edge rushers for 2nd and 3rd round picks just to use one of those picks to grab another DE? Shouldn't we have just kept Sweat or Young if we were going to do that? My preference would be to sign an EDGE in FA and then go OL and maybe WR with the 2 second rounders. Maybe go back to OL with the third rounder.
  4. These "metrics" are super fungible. Seems like folks can retrofit any of these to tailor to their argument. I prefer to triangulate between multiple data points (multiple metrics, expert opinions, etc).
  5. I agree with this. I would take this path with him - let Howell start for the year while the coaches are getting their program humming. Also give them time to shore up the OL. In a years time, we have a more solid team, coaches whose system all players have one year experience in, more help on the OL, and Maye having been on the team in meetings/getting coaching.
  6. The only problem is that it's the coaching and sitting in on meetings that's most valuable for the rookie, not necessary getting tutoring from the starter (in this case, Howell). Do you really think Favre "taught" or "mentored" Aaron Rodgers?
  7. This may be a controversial take, but I would also like any QB we take at #2 to sit behind Sam (or whoever starts) for the first year to learn. I know when a QB is taken that high, there is pressure to start him right away but rarely does that seem to work even with the most talented players.
  8. They could go with a retractable roof
  9. Yeah, that was my point. I wasn't suggesting it was only Mahomes but I already knew he was a no-brainer in that category. I just was curious who else people thought met that threshold who are currently in the league.
  10. How many "they won because of him" guys do you think there are in this draft? Furthermore, how many "they won because of him"s are there currently in the league (besides Mahomes, of course)?
  11. Yeah, but what if Maye goes first? The more I hear, the less I'm sold on Caleb Williams. Maye seems like a safer bet. I hope Chicago goes for the hype and takes Williams so it's a non-issue.
  12. Ugh ... so what should our plan be at LT?
  13. Wouldn't we prioritize a LT with that pick? They tend to go higher than RT and perhaps we can find a gem in the mid rounds.
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