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  1. Its a marathon season so I think the league can survive a couple of missed games.
  2. I think we have no choice, but to draft one of these one and done freshman because the potential is there. A lot of these guys ranked up there is not that good. I'm not a fan of trading back in the NBA draft (actually nobody does that) but i'll be happy with a Morris brother and FSU Singleton/Singler or if targeting a one and done then Tobias Harris and Tristan Thompson...I would take two of these guys over someone like Kanter, Perry Jones, and Terrance Jones. At the moment I only like Barnes and Derrick Williams for us and if we can't get them then we are screwed...I wouldn't mind a draft and
  3. Yeah Byron Leftwich was there, hopefully the guy changes the channel or they get it fixed. If I can't get the game then i'm staying away from the tv/internet until they show the repeat tomorrow on NFL Network.
  4. I got a link for you guys...this is my go to site and watched just about every live preseason game on here. The link may not be up right away, but I can guarantee you it will be up before the 10 minute mark in the 1st quarter... http://atdhe.net/17908/watch-baltimore-ravens-vs-washington-redskins
  5. There is showboating and there is running away from a fight... But i'm gone now, thought I killed off enough time before heading out, but you guys have fun now.
  6. Is it a skill to hold his hands back from punching him like a female???
  7. In boxing once they hug then it is broken up within seconds, but in the UFC they allow hugging throughout the whole fight...I think you guys are upset that a South American is dominating your favorite sport...
  8. Due to the allowing of "hugging" what was so impressive about it???
  9. Why all MMA fans say the samething...we are talking about registered hands here you know fists can be used as weapons so I wonder if any of these MMA fights has registered hands...when you combine all that stuff you just get a bunch of hugging I mean how can you respect the sport when Silva made a mockery of it in his last fight...
  10. Did you guys watch the fight??? The submission was cool, but other than that it was a bunch of hugging on the ground...
  11. I only watch Silva and BIG fights like Evans and Rampage...other than that the sport sucks, because it is a bunch of hugging.
  12. That Sonnen American guy is a biotch. All this hugging and all that hitting, but yet it was him that got his **** split. You can never take these MMA fighters serious due to all this hugging and fighting like females. Can't believe they allow holding arms back from getting hit like females. Sonnen some garbage...
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