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2 hours ago, techboy said:


Is rite lid. Another thing that sets us apart. 


You should pay us a visit. You won't find a more welcoming, friendly place anywhere in the World (something that can't be said for most of the rest of this F up, hugely racist, bigoted, xenophobic Country), with absolutely everything you could wish to do or see. 


Yers might leave talking a little bit different like, but you'd have an absolutely boss time. And the long-standing connection through the Centuries to America, who we look to WAY before we ever would London, would I'm sure be fascinating to you. 


Ta la. Enjoyed that. 




*Edit* And if you've all been REAL good this year, I might even let you see me talking on the telly in Austria a few weeks back. 

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Sings '  ..... And now you're gonna believe ussssssssssss ...... '


I honestly don't know where to start with that display. September next year will bring around the 40th anniversary of my first game watching the Reds live. And through the intervening 4 decades, and F knows how many games all over this planet following this humongous shared passion of ours, I'm genuinely struggling to remember a  more complete team performance, back to front, than that? Maybe Kenny's great '87/'88 side (until this vintage the finest L'pool side I've ever had the privilege of watching) taking Clough's Forest out behind the woodshed to the tune of 5-0 in a game the late, great Tom Finney described as the finest performance he'd ever seen in his life? Rafa's '08/'09 side destroying Real Madrid 4-0 in the CL first knockout round maybe? But when you add in the context of everything this evening (Leicester being, on results at least, the second-best side in this league. At home no less in a game we were 'supposed' to be happy with a draw out of/ L'pool having been out in Qatar becoming Champions of the whole bloody World just prior to Chrimbo/ key players out injured to the tune of young Curtis Jones and Neco Williams on the bench et al), I'm inclined to say that's the finest display of football I've ever been lucky enough to witness in the flesh. The ultimate team performance where every last one of them was absolutely outstanding.


Heck, Leicester didn't even have ONE shot on target. (And only 3 total shots all night.). Leicester City. The second-best team statistically in the pL Leicester City. The third highest scorers by far in the PL. Leicester City. Needing to win this game to have even a remote chance of mounting a title challenge. At HOME. And they never managed a shot on target as they were completely and utterly dominated (as they were at Anfield in a game that was far more of a 4/5- 1 game in reality than the late 2-1 win it ended up) from the first whistle to the last by a team LEVELS above them. (Or anyone else in World football come to that.).


An absolutely superb display from this gang of historical Reds you're just running out of superlatives for now. The absolute quote of the night was overheard coming away from the ground from a couple of Leicester lads, in their mid-20's, and I quote 'I've never seen any side give us such a doing that. They made us look like a 6th Form Netball side out there!' Which summed the night up perfectly. Men against boys didn't begin to describe what happened at the King Power.


Where does this end? Honest question? I mean you've got to be starting to look at an unbeaten season now and topping City's 100 point record. These lads are THAT good. They will of course, but you just can't see where they're gonna' drop points? First it was 'L'pool don't have the squad to match City.' Then it was 'VAR will sort the cheating Scouse C out!' Then it was 'December will F them. All those games and Qatar on top!' ...... It'd be much easier yanno' lads to just admit that this L'pool side is among the finest that have EVER been seen on a football pitch. In ANY era. ANYWHERE! What they are doing on a weekly basis is historically phenomenal. And the really frightening thing, to the rest of not only England but Europe, is they've nowhere near hit top level yet this season.


52 F points out of a maximum 54 available. And they've just DECIMATED the current 2nd best side in the country, on their own ground, by 4 of our goals to 0 of theirs.


What a time to be alive. What a time to be a Red!


Oh yeah, back to that opening song ' ...... We're Champions of the WORLD!'


Up the different level to everyone else Reds!



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I was pretty vociferous on here a few years back in not wanting Leicester to win the league. Last night was a glaring example of why.  


The next time the media try's to push the 'loveable, small club' angle-

Also, in no particular order we had- 
'One Boris Johnson', and some other ditty about the Torries-  Not sure if that's flattering trying to nark at us through that as to what we stand for or disturbing that ****wombles in Leicester actually think they give a flying F about them? Whichever, it got the deserved response from ourselves of ripping the said, racist, bigoted, xenophobic blert and his Evil right-wing party to F. 
'Feed the Scousers, Let them know it's Christmas time .....' - Mocking poverty. At this time of year to boot. 'Classy' as it gets. 
' ..... Always the victims, It's never your fault .....' - Did I say 'classy' as it gets? Low life scumbags. 
'In your L'pool slums' - Because Leicester is such a palatial paradise right?  Oh the F irony! 


The Gerrard slip song bollocks- Like WTF relation does that have to Leicester? 

'Champions of England, you'll never see that!' - Uhmmm, don't know if yers realised lads but we're on a march to a record title-winning season. And we have seen that. 18 F times!!!!!
And then there was the rather, let's say, 'rotund' meff who spent the whole game the other side of the divide trying to both stare out and throw constant abuse like the hard btard he wasn't. Only to then go running to the bizzies when he got singled out and skited to F by claiming an Asian lad in front of him had been racially abused. Which caused a 10-minute interlude of the Police trying to determine if anyone had racially abused anyone and needed lashing out. Thankfully, the innocent lad he'd pointed out was determined to have not said anything other than calling the fat gob****e what he was and it was left at that. 
The only saving grace was that we didn't have the 'clapper' bollocks they usually hand them out that they bang for an 'atmosphere.'
Typical lower league mentality knobheads. Which is a shame for the respectable Leicester fans that they've never grown up and matured. 
SO much right with Leicester City FC under this ownership. Totally tarred by a large section of there so-called support.


Always have been horrible btards. Always will be. 



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City raise the bar to ridiculous levels that forced us in turn to raise our game to match them. Now we've smashed through it and they can't raise there's to match us. 




Up the best team in the F World that NOBODY can live with Reds!



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16 minutes ago, FanboyOf91 said:

Pep letting Liverpool win the league, Fergie would never.

Tbf he did his best for a few weeks back in 09. 

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