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Possibly a bit early to make a thread about this new show that is coming in the Fall, but it looks awesome.

It's a show that takes place in Atlantic City in the 20's during prohibition.

It's being written by Terence Winter (writer of The Sopranos).

It's being directed by Martin ****ing Scorsese.

My favorite part is that Steve Buscemi is playing the main antagonist. It's about time that my favorite supporting actor of my lifetime is having a major production built around him.

This show is going to be EPIC!


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Any show on HBO can be as good as it wants to be.

This show has too many winning parts to suck. There is no way scorcese would direct it if the writing was ****.

However, steve buscemi as the lead antagonist is wierd considering his completely unimposing physique. If he is seriously gonna be the maing antagonist then he is gonna be one cold-hearted, diabolical mother****er.

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I wondered, so I looked it up. It is loosely based on this guy:

Enoch "Nucky" Johnson

c.1883 to Dec. 9, 1968.

Johnson was lord of Atlantic City, New Jersey, during Prohibition. He was involved in rum-running, numbers rackets and other illicit enterprises and was an important figure in the organization of a national crime Syndicate.

Johnson was a bigshot in southern Jersey Republican politics, serving several terms as the local sheriff and as Atlantic County treasurer, in addition to his criminal career. He had Atlantic City so under control that it was deemed safe for a national bootleggers convention in spring 1929. (A convention of the Unione Siciliana in Cleveland a year earlier was broken up by the police.)

Under Nucky Johnson, Atlantic City was one of the leading import centers for illegal booze. Johnson, along with gin merchants up and down the East Coast and in Cleveland, formed the Seven Group in 1927. That organization was a sort of bootlegging cooperative, incorporating Italian Mafiosi as well as non-Italian elements. It is seen by many as a forerunner of the Syndicate.

Link: http://www.onewal.com/w-johnso.html

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