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  1. Looks as he was sleep. Good owned for sure.
  2. :rotflmao::rotflmao::rotflmao:..for sure!
  3. No way....legal..inbounds, no helmet to helmet contact. Just got blowed up.
  4. I wonder what is going thru TP's head when he saw that?
  5. Awsome! Ray Finkle..meet Billy Cundiff vid:ols:
  6. SF2 Zangief wins....awsome! To bad couldn't hear the dialouge, but I'm sure it was funny. Sad thing is this is bullying or some form of intent to bully in some way or fashion.
  7. :laugh: I guess I would, mind you after a few drinks though
  8. Also, I have some mold on the wall in my upstairs bathroom. What should I use to clean this off? __________________ One cup of bleach to 1 gallon warm water-scrub well Look into installing a exhaust fan or crack the window while showering
  9. Try a alternate home jersey that is black, with gold numbering. Maroon and gold on sleeves. White Pants with a black or gold or maroon strip. Or black pants with gold strip. Heent.
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