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Kid Saves Sister From Moose Using Gaming Skills


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This is the stupidest news story ever, but I feel I must share it with you, because it made me laff. A kid in Norway used skills he'd learned from World of Warcraft to save his sister from a rampaging moose.

Hans Jorgen Olsen, 12, and his sister were walking through the woods in the central Norwegian town of Leksvik, and a rampaging moose noticed them and attacked. Thinking quickly, Hans taunted the deadly animal to take its attention off his sister, then, he hit "feign death" and played dead. The moose then lost interest and went off to terrorize other Norwegian children.

"When you reach level 30, you learn a trick called the fake death. That's what I did - I pretended I was dead, and then the moose lost interest," Hans said. "It went really well."

Whether Hans was able to collect the deer's antlers and bring it back to the quest giver is unknown.

I'm not sure this story is even true -- I mean, it's just an internet news report -- but it cracked me up, and I hope it will make your morning a bit brighter as well.

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Im picturing a 12 year old running through the snow and an agro train following him... Angry Moose, Angry Bear, they pass by the angry Goose, the angry squirrell, etc, etc

He will no doubt train them right into a poor guy that's just trying to mine some ore.

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I wonder if my hiding skills in Call of Duty will translate to a real battlefield. Reic, wanna give it a try?

i have always wanted to walk into a recruiting office and tell them i want to enlist because i am good at call of duty :ols:

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