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WPC: Vote now for Miss Warpath Girl 2009


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Editor's note - Since the Redskins missed the playoffs, we decided to have our own, for the 2009 Warpath Girl. This has consistently been one of the best features of WPC this year, and we thought folks would like to vote for the hottest Redskins fans around.

We’re opening with a round of 16 with seedings based on number of past views. Stephanie was our regular-season winner with 1,215 views, but Liz was a close second while No. 6 Diana made a move in only 10 days. These are head to head competitions. Eight winners advance to the second round, then four, then two before we crown our champion.

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I don't think it's the girls, so much as the photos are mostly not the glamor shot, close-ups you expect to see. In fact, a few look like cell phone pics! lol

There are several cuties there, of the ones whose visages you can make out, so quit the hate :)

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