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  1. I echo the "win is more important than the look of the uniform" sentiment. True it could be momentarily embarrassing, but I'd settle for this look as long as a 20-point win and no-injuries was the final result.
  2. I don't see the dude's cell phone, but it looks like someone's making an emergency phone call to RALPH...
  3. In sticking with the current "lollipop" theme, we seem to have found a word that may be behind some of the worst record album covers of all time. The three at the end are actual product, none of which I'm not endorsing.
  4. A few seasonal pics... A red-faced Mike Ditka...
  5. Not a photoshop, a real typhoon a few years back.
  6. Page number doesn't work for a lot of us because you can change the default of how many posts appear per page (I use 30). Gotta use Post number.
  7. I don't get the clock either. However, I think it's funny that Obama's phone gets it's own chair but the guy behind him has to sit on the floor.
  8. From the "Dental Judgement Day Tomorrow" thread.
  9. From the Gov Eliot Spitzer's ho[oker] revealed thread.
  10. Don't think JZ cares about the uniforms right now. Perhaps Dan already has a 76th anniversary (why wait every five years?) jersey in the works...
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