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Hey Osama


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We went thru that discussion last year. :)

And here's the recap.

Take no offense to this, but Osama can turn around and say the samething in reverse. This man killed Americans on American sole 7 years ago and he's still out there.
He's just a man. Someday he will, like Stalin, Castro, Pol Pot and many others ... someday he will die and his cult of personality will fade. America is not a man. It's not 3000 people. America is an idea. It's the idea that all men are equal and all men have value, and that all men are, and of Right ought to be, free. Bin Laden didn't kill 3000 Americans to kill 3000 Americans. He did it to squash that idea.

As long as America exist and Americans are free bin Laden loses. And the clock is ticking.

And I'll be happy to remind him of that fact every year.

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It's been eight years.

I'm still here. And I'm still American.

Just thought you'd like to know.

God Bless America.

Unfortunately Osama could say the same thing :(

Somehow I doubt Osama would say he's still an American and God Bless America ;).

I'm in the camp that firmly believes that bin Laden is worm food. Unless he releases a videotape of himself today containing entirely new information about things that have happened in the past month and not some audio tape that may or may not be him, I'm going to continue to believe that he's left this mortal coil. The man was too much in love with the camera to not make a real video for the last 3 years.

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I think he's dead, too.

Would love to take a leak on his rotting corpse though.

Some reading this may think: But what's the proof that the al Qaeda leader is still alive? Plenty. Since September 11, bin Laden has released a slew of video and audiotapes, many of which discuss current events. After a nine-month silence, for instance, bin Laden released a 22-minute audiotape on March 14, sharply condemning the recent Israeli invasion of Gaza.

Are these tapes real? Not one of the dozens of tapes released by bin Laden after 9/11 has been a fake. Indeed the U.S. government has authenticated many of them using bin Laden's distinctive voiceprint.


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Hey Osama...

Want to try again? You wanted us out of the middle east and all you did was piss us off enough to get in deeper. Maybe next time you will piss us off so bad we pull out for good. Just before we turn the region into a glass covered parking lot. :finger:

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