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The Madden Curse lives on?


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If that's true, then it's not as bad as past years. Then again, maybe the fact that there are 2 guys on the cover means that they'll both only be out for part of the season.

That said, I doubt the Steelers rest Troy unless they face some anemic offenses over the next couple of weeks.

Slightly OT: did anybody hear what the injury to Bo Scaife was? It looked pretty rough when he got his knee taken out.

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this is getting rediculous. shouldn't America's team be put on the cover?

I hear they are only going to do SB contenders from now on, so I don't think that's going to happen. XD

Pretty sure Ray hurt his arm that year, and had a down year.

Ray Lewis was on the cover of Madden NFL 2005, which came out in August of 04' and according to the "curse" he would get hurt in the 2004 season. He finished the 2004 season with 146 total tackles, 1 sack, 2 fumble recoveries, 1 fumble forced, and 6 pass deflections, 6 interceptions, and a touchdown.

The Ravens didn't make the playoffs, but they only lost one more game than the year before (from 10-6 to 9-7).

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During the Steelers press conference, Mike Tomlin stated that Troy Polamalu's injury was a strained MCL. Could be 3-6 weeks, but not completely certain.

I was a non-believer in this "Madden curse" thing until tonight.

Larry Fitzgerald better watch out

<cue the "Twilight Zone" theme music>


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I guess Michael Vick got the worst, during the time that it was supposed to happen and afterward as well.

Vince Young isn't doing too well either... at least it looks like Vick will have a shot at a comeback, Young seems like his career might be done in the near future.

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Ugh..I hope not...I managed to acquire him my one of my FF leagues. Money league too.

Haha. I didn't get him on a single one of my teams because of the cover. I liked everything else--his consistency, production, schedule... but that stupid curse deterred me. I went with Calvin Johnson or Randy Moss instead.

To the OP, never ignore this particular curse. Sure it's not the cause of misfortune, but it's an overwhelming correlation. It's gotten so bad the past few years that not only the guys who they put on the cover are suffering, but the guys who should have been on the cover instead are feeling it's effect too. Yes they tried to pull a fast one by putting Vince Young on 08's cover instead of LT and "retired" Brett Favre on '09 instead of Brady--but each time the curse knew who was supposed to be on that cover. Are either Adrian Peterson or Deangelo Williams next? (Turner is already going down because of the curse of 370)

Crap... I have Williams on about half of my fantasy teams.

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