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  1. I somewhat like the deal. I wish we would have gotten Carter's contract instead but I still think we benefit by having Rashard and his contract vs. Gil and his. Because of Wall and Hinrich Gil became expandable from a talent perspective. Both players have a lot of talent, but both are way overpaid as well. Getting Rashard allows us to get a star to put next to Wall one year earlier, and shifts talent from the 1-2 position where we were already set to the 3-4 position where we were somewhat weak. It's not a perfect deal but we had a horrible contract with Arenas and it does put this franch
  2. http://www.josportsco.com/view_product.asp?ProductID=4052 did we have another Hall for the 2006 season or is this mislabeled or something like that?
  3. i gotta say thats the team I want to beat the most, but I will from now on never hate this team or their organization, their fans have been very sympathetic and it is appreciated!
  4. can we start a **** the bills thread too?
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