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  1. mojobo

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    I somewhat like the deal. I wish we would have gotten Carter's contract instead but I still think we benefit by having Rashard and his contract vs. Gil and his. Because of Wall and Hinrich Gil became expandable from a talent perspective. Both players have a lot of talent, but both are way overpaid as well. Getting Rashard allows us to get a star to put next to Wall one year earlier, and shifts talent from the 1-2 position where we were already set to the 3-4 position where we were somewhat weak. It's not a perfect deal but we had a horrible contract with Arenas and it does put this franchise in a slightly better position for the future.
  2. mojobo

    Game Jersey Collector's Thread did we have another Hall for the 2006 season or is this mislabeled or something like that?
  3. mojobo

    **** the Cowboys

    i gotta say thats the team I want to beat the most, but I will from now on never hate this team or their organization, their fans have been very sympathetic and it is appreciated!
  4. mojobo

    **** the Cowboys

    can we start a **** the bills thread too?
  5. We'll wear them in the first half but change at halftime