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  1. I really liked are white on white when we were making are playoff push back in the day.
  2. Andrew sent me here... 42-28 all time madden winner tonight.
  3. yeah thats what I was thinking.. At first I thought it was something wrong with my end.. Now you just confirmed for me that I'm not crazy.. lol
  4. Living in AZ I've seen plenty of U of A games. Dude is a baller and with lastnights win over duke!!. Man it would be so sweet if he were to become a Wiz!!!!.
  5. PpY9oaCeaQ4 This is a good one.... Now I have no idea what they are saying but the event speaks for it's self..
  6. The link won't play for me... What Plug-in do I need for it to work???
  7. I dunno why it would say that.. I'm watching it right now.
  8. Go to Channelsurfing.net Gotta use Firefox or Internet Explorer for it to work. Just scroll down till you see the game you wanna watch. It will ask you to download a Vshare app.
  9. I downloaded it. So far so good. My buddy always uses this site and nothing has happened to his computer.
  10. http://www.channelsurfing.net/watch-nfl-2.html........seems so far the best quality to watch..
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