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Yoder on team....(As well as any other players thread).


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A more interesting thing from that link is that Wynn made it as a DE.

urrrrgh I don't like this move at all:mad:

wesbrook seriously? let pick up chris mccallister or some other vet

I hope Westbrook is on the squad for ST value....otherwise this is some bull****.

Bring back Ade Jimoh :D(I kid...mostly)

Congrats Yoder.

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the other night a guy caught a pass right in front of Westbrook and then scored as Westbrook attempted to tackle but his lackluster effort resulted in him falling to the ground the the receiver scoring.

Is this the kind of cornerback we need on this team?

If he can tackle his brother, and be the one to shut him down, I'll be happy :)

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Blache is a homer. He brought back Daniels and Wynn because he loves them. He falls in love with guys because he feels comfortable with them even if they are just warm bodies.

This is why the Redskins never sack anyone much less lead in sacks. He is stuck in his ways and won't change?

"Adopt some Dick Lebeau blitzes or Raven Blitz packages? Are you crazy. Why when I was a boy this is how we did it"

Blache is stuck somewhere in the past, having a hard time moving on.

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